What is a modification?

Elena Odushkina
Elena Odushkina
May 16, 2015
What is a modification?

The term "modification" can be encountered when purchasing a different vehicle or vehicle. This implies the presence of some new features or the correction of deficiencies based on the old model. But this concept itself is much broader. Consider what a modification is and in which areas of life this term occurs.

Modification means the transformation of something into a new form with the appearance of other functions, features or properties. This is a qualitative change in a substance or object.

What is a modification: applications

In the technique

A modification in technology implies the creation of a new technology or the introduction of changes in a particular model. Thus, the improvement of a certain model and the addition of new functions qualitatively changes the original subject, but does not change its essence.

For example, a light ironing function is added to the washing machine. The new model will be a modification of the previous one, since it now has more features. But still it remains a washing machine.

Such modifications are often found in mechanical engineering, when new, more comfortable and safe ones are created on the basis of an outdated model.

In biology

This term is widely used in biology, it means an artificial external change of an organism without the influence of hereditary factors. For example, the evolution of species is essentially a modification when the body is forced to gradually adapt to a changing environment. Various mutations caused by purpose or as a result of some kind of influence are also a modification.

In selection, the term refers to an external change in the body without interfering with its genotype. Here, the manifestation of the same quality as a result of various conditions is considered a modification, for example, when the temperature difference, light, soil, etc.

In chemistry

This implies a change in the structure of the chemical. For example, diamond and graphite consist of one chemical element - carbon, but have a different crystal lattice, that is, a different modification of carbon.

The term can also mean the result of a chemical process, for example, modification of proteins.

Other areas of life

The term can be found in psychology when analyzing the patient's mental status (modification of consciousness).

In the theory of versification, there are "rhythmic modifications".

Gamers or just fans of computer games on the ear of the word "mod" or "fashion." This is an abbreviation of modification, meaning additional functions or capabilities for a computer game, often written by amateur programmers or third-party professionals.