What is a line?

May 15, 2015
What is a line?

The concept of "line" comes from the Latin word "cord". Currently, this word is most often used to indicate features or borders. Let us consider what a line is and consider examples of the use of this concept.

Word meanings

The line is:

  • the boundary of the surface, which is characterized by only one dimension - the length. It is defined as an image of the track of a moving point or a place where two planes intersect;
  • trait that is drawn on the surface;
  • trait that defines the direction;
  • the location of several items in one row;
  • the outline of an object;
  • message path;
  • a system of devices intended for telephone or telegraph communication;
  • devices for the distribution and transmission of electricity;
  • the sequence of persons who are related by blood relationship;
  • a series of successive manufacturing operations.

Examples of the use of the term

The following are examples of the use of the word "line."

  • Trend line - a tool designed to identify the current trend.
  • The apsid line is a straight line that connects various points of the orbit.
  • A level line is a line at any point in which a certain quantity has the same value.
  • The clean line is the number of homogeneous organisms.
  • Cable line - is a cable that is located nearby.

Now you are familiar with all the meanings of the word line and can easily use them.