What is a haircut?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
May 25, 2015
What is a haircut?

It is rather difficult to care for long hair, it was especially difficult to do it in those old times, when there were no high-quality detergents. Therefore, initially people cut their hair for hygienic purposes. In our time, hair cutting is primarily due to aesthetic considerations. The hairstyle is necessary in order that hair looked beautiful and accurate. In a well-groomed person, the hair should be well cut and laid.

What is a haircut? In simple terms, haircut is hair shortening. From the quality of the haircut depends largely on the appearance of all hairstyles.

For hair shortening, that is, their haircuts, hairdressers use the following tools:

  • Hairdressing scissors - ordinary and thinning;
  • comb-razor;
  • razors, including thinning;
  • hair clippers.

Recently, the so-called “haircut by fire” has come into vogue, in which the ends of the hair are burned with an open flame, and the thermal haircut, in which the hair is cut with hot scissors, the blades of which are heated to 180 * C.

Types of haircuts

All haircuts, depending on the resulting hairstyle silhouette, are divided into:

  • contrast, which is characterized by abrupt transitions in the length of the hair;
  • uniform (non-contrast), in which the difference in the length of individual strands is negligible.

In addition, there are asymmetric and symmetric types of haircuts.

Hairdressing operations

Each type of haircut, whether female or male, consists of separate hairdressing operations.

  • Reduction of hair "to no", in which there is a soft transition from long hair, located on the central part of the head, to very short hair at the temples and on the neck.
  • Milling - thinning individual strands of hair at the ends, near the roots or along their entire length, which helps to give them extra volume.
  • Haircut on the fingers. With this technique, the master captures a strand of hair between two fingers, pulls it out and cuts off all the hair that is above the fingers.
  • Graduation. In this operation, the hair strands are clipped at an angle, as a result of which the hairstyle acquires a stepped silhouette.
  • Shading and smoky transition. As a result of these two operations, the transitions between strands of different lengths are smoothed and softened.
  • Edging and polishing are the final operations in which the cutting contours are finalized and the tips of the hairs protruding from the hairstyle are removed.

Haircuts styles

There are a great many styles of women's and men's haircuts, every year hairdressers invent new and new models. The most famous styles of women's haircuts include "Caret" and "Cascade" of all kinds, "Bob", "Garson", "Page" and "Sessun". From the men can be distinguished "Poluboks" and "Boxing", "Playground", "Polka" and "Bobrik".