What is a cruise?

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What is a cruise?

Today, many travel companies offer to go on a cruise. We learn what a cruise is and why it is so popular.

Cruise: definition

The word cruise was borrowed from the English language - to cruise - "to make a trip." Initially, this word mattered only round the world voyage. Now it is an ordinary tourist trip on the sea, river or any other body of water that has a certain route.

Recently, cruises are becoming an increasingly popular form of recreation. Usually such trips are made on large comfortable liners, rated, like hotels, by stars. On the ships there are a variety of restaurants, nightclubs, SPA-salons, swimming pools and sports grounds - everything that will provide passengers with a rich and pleasant leisure. Cruises are available in Scandinavia, Europe, the Mediterranean, etc. Tourists walk around the cities during the day, and spend the night in the liner's cabins - at this time the ship follows its route to another resting place.

Traveling business people, during which they combine the discussion of work issues with the rest, called a business cruise.

Other meaning

The term cruise control is also known, literally, �travel control.� This is a device that maintains a given vehicle speed without driver participation, automatically. Cruise control is very convenient when traveling long distances, when it is very tiring to push the gas pedal for a long time.