What is a cashier?

Yana Lisitsina
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What is a cashier?

On the question of what is a box office, you can see from different sides. So, this term is used in the following meanings:

  • As the name of the device used to pay for some services, goods, printing checks. Such devices are installed in stores and help cashiers serve customers, fix things they have purchased, accept cash, issue change and check.
  • The name of the cash available to an organization or community of people. This may be, for example, the so-called "mutual aid fund", which is formed from money voluntarily transferred by the employees of the institution, and is used upon request and as needed for the personal needs of the working staff. There is an expression �to take a cash desk�, that is, to rob some organization, having stolen the cash it has.
  • The name of the premises (for example, in a bank) or a kiosk in which financial transactions are carried out (payment of a loan, utilities, currency exchange, etc.).The unit itself, which provides such services, is also called a cash register. And working directly at the box office staff are called cashiers.
  • In typography, there used to be boxes with cells in which letters of an alphabet cast from metal were placed. It was used for manual typing and was also called a cash register.
  • Also, the box office is a fireproof safe for storing securities and money.