What if the baby bites?

The younger son began to bite. If he doesn't get what he wants, he tries to bite. I understand that he is doing this because he lacks physical strength and doesn�t take away a toy from his older brother, for example, he cannot do it. But still, how do we wean him from this habit?


I'm so sorry for your concern.

Children of different ages sometimes bite, babies bite the nipple, those who are older bite their peers. This is a normal expression of aggression and will soon pass. In no case should one bite in response or be punished in any other way, otherwise the child may stop biting but will understand for the rest of his life - who is stronger than he is and will grow into a sociopath. When a child bites, it is necessary to take him away from the victim with an emotional cry of disapproval, stop playing or pick up a toy and sympathize with the victim and the child, because the child is only protected in this way.

Be healthy.


And how old is the child? Explanations and the word "can not" he does not understand because of age?

If a child understands that he cannot take a toy from his brother by force, then he must also understand the word "cannot". Every time a child behaves this way, he must show his behavior that it is wrong to do so. For example, if he was on his hands - get him off his hands and step aside, explaining that you do not like such an act. This will be his "no". This should be done every time he bites, even if it lasts a year. I taught my son so to fight. The main thing is patience

Bite him with the same force! Tested on himself, or rather on his grandchildren, who also did not understand what kind of pain they cause to another. Warned, bit, did not calm. It all stopped.

Listen to the expert.

Just don't let it bite.

It will pass itself

Most children go through this.

And my child in the gusts of joy, biting, hugging and biting), and this happens for periods, now so far all the rules.