What flowers to present on March 8 to a girl, mother, grandmother, wife

What flowers to present on March 8 to a girl, mother, grandmother, wifeInternational Women's Day is a great occasion for men to please their beloved ladies not only with gifts, care and attention, but also with flowers, which are so loved by all the fair sex. Sometimes young people can not decide what kind of bouquet to present this or that young lady, so that she liked and remembered him. In this article you will find out which flowers are best for a girl, girlfriend, mother, grandmother and beloved wife.

What flower to give a girlfriend and girlfriend

Roses are perfect for a young girl. All young ladies love romance, so give preference to this particular flower. Remember the rule - the younger the lady, the smaller the bouquet can be. So for March 8, you can choose from five to ten beautiful roses. You can also choose tulips and daffodils.

If you feed your girlfriend with special tenderness and desire to take care, give her lilies of the valley or snowdrops. A friend can be boldly presented a bouquet of tulips, as these flowers have no hidden connotations.

If you don’t have any feelings for your girlfriend, don’t give her white or red roses. Pay attention to the nature of the girl. Sociable laughter likes lush and bright bouquets, especially baskets, which contain various flowers. A serious and quiet young ladies will be happy neat bouquet, decorated with foil.

What color should the flowers be? Remember: white color always means innocence and purity, yellow and pink are symbols of love and tenderness, red is passion, blue is loyalty, and purple is harmony and peace. Please note that black color symbolizes death, therefore, bouquets of this color can not be given to anyone in any case.What flowers to present on March 8 to a girl, mother, grandmother, wife

Flowers for mother, wife or beloved woman

Surely, when you were a child, you saw when your mother began to glow with happiness from the bouquet presented to her. Knowing your preferences, you can easily surprise and please. In any case, it is best to choose flowers of warm colors, for example, present pink roses or exotic orchids. What to give to his beloved wife? Well, if you want to surprise your soul mate, buy a basket or a toy made of flowers. Such a gift will definitely be remembered for a long time. The perfect solution will also be a bouquet of roses.The more colors, the better.

Flowers for grandma

What flowers to present on March 8 to a girl, mother, grandmother, wife

Older ladies should not give flowers of dark color, so as not to remind once again about the age. Choose flowers for your grandmother with a soul, because she is given bouquets infrequently. You can stop the choice on pink carnations, white roses, orchids and chrysanthemums.

Most importantly, never give an even amount of flowers. Grandma will be happy and flowers in the pot, as well as various indoor plants. Let them stand on the windowsill and delight your grandmother with the fresh scent of spring. Choose in the store a lush and elegant package for a bouquet, attach a beautiful postcard to the flowers.