What is the dream of the sun?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
February 19, 2015
What is the dream of the sun?

The sun is perhaps the strongest sign of power and energy. Consider why the sun dreams, how to interpret such a dream to men and women.

To dream of the sun - on the whole the sign is very auspicious. Such a dream foreshadows success, well-being, prosperity and health.

Why dream of a bright sun?

If you dreamed of a bright, warming sun, it means that soon you will feel confident in your abilities, new wonderful opportunities will appear for the fulfillment of your desires. To see the bright shining sun for a man is a symbol of great success in his career and love affairs. The sun, which causes relaxation, also promises you career advancement.

A girl who sees a bright sun can expect good luck in her personal life, but if the sun is too bright and burns the dreamer, she needs to be more careful in love affairs - they can have a bad effect on her reputation.

Sunset and sunrise

A sunset seen in a dream is interpreted as the end of a successful period in your life. This may be the end of a relationship, the choice of a new profession and more.Sunrise is a great success in life, a cure for diseases, the beginning of a new beneficial phase.

The rays of the sun, dislodged from behind the clouds, symbolize the way out of a difficult situation. If such a dream was a dream to businessmen, then their business will go up the hill and will bring good income.

To see the sun from the window of your house - to the fulfillment of a man’s cherished desires, such a dream is a sign of security, you can relax and enjoy life.