What dreams swing

Swing is a favorite fun of the little ones, but adults also like to sometimes fly up to them under the skies or swing in thought. How dream is deciphered with a swing, prompted by dream books.

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Swing had a dream
Swing had a dream

Love Dream

Swing in a dream symbolizes uncertainty and variability, love adventures and erotic experiences.

Swing on a swing on your own - for love and dangerous love adventures, with your beloved - for suffering from jealousy.

Fall from a swing - to loss of self-control.

Seasonal dream

The dreamed swings signify emotional outbursts, swinging on them promises variable successes, constant transitions from testing periods to dizzying takeoffs and back.

Gypsy dream book

Swing on a swing in a dream or see another person�s flight on them - to an easy, carefree life.

The swinging of an empty swing in a dream is a warning about the coming difficult times.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

Swing in a dream or swinging on them - to move with the deterioration of living conditions.

See the swing of another person - to the imminent relocation of one of the friends.

Modern dream book

What a swing dreams about: a dream symbolizes a fun carefree time, a harmonious and joyful family life, but it can also promise troubles and worries in preparation for a family celebration or the failure of an important undertaking due to its own indecision.

If you were swinging on a swing in a dream, then in reality you will have to hesitate when choosing between two sentences of a hand and heart because of lack of confidence in yourself and your feelings. If the swings went very high, and when flying down you were very frightened, then you can soon expect fateful changes, especially in your personal life. Try to restrain your emotions, otherwise a fleeting affair may have unpleasant consequences.

I dreamed of sitting on a swing in deep thought - I would have to worry about the unpredictable actions of a child or a spouse.

Swing on a child's swing in a dream - you will have reason for pride and joy for the success of children.

The newest dream book

Dream dream dream interprets a dream as a premonition of pleasant communication with like-minded people or a warning about the need for preliminary thinking about difficult tasks.

Riding on a swing in a dream foreshadows the victory of your feelings over the mind.

To soar high on a swing and fade from fear - to a turbulent changeable life with ups and downs, to fall from them - to a sharp and irrevocable change in one's lifestyle in the near future.