What does love mean?

Love cannot be described by any science, especially first love. That is why this phenomenon is an example of an invisible powerful energy, which, however, has a very real physical influence on objects. Today, we will touch on one of the most important topics for any person. What does love mean? Let us try to answer this question, knowing in advance that it is impossible to give an exact answer. So:

�The world revolves around love. He kneels before her�

It is not given to understand love at least in some way for those who have not met face to face with this feeling. Only those who have experienced a deep attachment to a person can say for sure that they felt love. At the same time, none of these people can clearly articulate and describe this feeling. As a rule, it all comes down to the fact that a person describes his feelings, invents images and comparisons, but the subject of conversation is slowly slipping farther and farther away. Why is this so? What makes our minds go off? What does love mean to man? The writing will not be able to answer this question. It will take a few volumes!

There is a theory that says that love is just an interaction of hormones and nerve cells of our body. In the famous film �Devil's Advocate�, in which the leading roles were played by the wonderful duet Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino, it is said that love is the same as eating chocolate. But how fair is this opinion? Surely, not so simple. What does the word "love" mean ... It makes us feel something incomprehensible in ourselves.

If you, dear reader, strive to find in our article a clear and simple answer to the question of what love is, then you unfortunately will not be satisfied. Our strong belief is that love is based on personal experience. In other words, each person must independently answer the question about the essence of love. Like every person, love is totally and completely unique. Any warm feeling to the object of adoration cannot be reduced to a general classification or to determine for it a class. Nevertheless, many works of human culture in various genres emit approximate signs of what can be called real love. Let's try to put these signs together in the list below:

  • Looping thoughts on the subject of love.Every lover has a person who has a special value in his life. At the moment of the birth and rapid development of the love feeling, all thoughts of a person are directed only at the beloved.
  • The predominance of positive emotions in relation to the object of love. It is difficult to imagine a situation in life that is more emotionally colored than the one when we fall in love. In addition to positive emotions, negative ones also arise. Moreover, the intensity of those and others is very high.
  • Greater polarity of feelings, emotions and behavior. As you know, true love is often accompanied by sharply rational behavior. However, we are all different people. Someone suffers from his irrationality, being unable to control himself. Someone can, on the contrary, cope with himself. Neither option is correct. The subject of our conversation is too generalized to make clear recommendations for action.
  • Unusual rise and increase in the level of activity. This feature is very important for any person. Being in a state of love, we get a huge influx of vitality and energy, which can be sent in the right direction.Unfortunately, in the case of unrequited love, we have very opposite feelings, which, respectively, adversely affects our lives and health. In addition, the state of increased performance, according to current research in this area, bring worse results. The optimum working condition is a state of "golden mean".

That's what true love means. All of these characteristics can be attributed mainly to the feeling of love, which is experienced in a positive way. This situation is typical for cases of divided love, that is, when the subject of your warm feelings responds willingly. But, as you know, unhappy love happens. Let's talk more about this.

Unrequited unhappy love is a feeling that can be very dangerous for a person. When an individual faces the collapse of his hopes and goals, he falls into the trap of frustration of his need. What is meant? The fact is that any human feeling is built and arises on the basis of instincts. Instincts determine needs. A need is a kind of energetic impulse that moves a person to certain actions.In other words, we need the need to organize our survival in the widest sense of the word. Thus, having been refused a personal relationship, a person is deprived of the opportunity to realize his potential. It is in connection with this that various psychological problems arise that may adversely affect his life. What can be advised in this case? How to be in a situation of unrequited love in life? The best advice is to seek help from a professional psychologist. Sometimes, just one consultation is enough to get rid of negative emotions and take a different look at the problem.