What does a girl dream about sex?

March 3, 2015
What does a girl dream about sex?

According to psychologists, most dreams reflect hidden or unfulfilled desires, and representatives of the occult sciences suggest that dreams can help to know the near and far future.

Find out how to interpret sexual dreams.

What girl dreams of sex: dream books

Sex with an unfamiliar man means that the events taking place are beyond your control, beware of surprises.

Sex with my brother - in the upcoming case you will be helped by relatives.

If you see yourself in bed with your beloved - you will have a romantic evening.

Participation in group sex with two or more men - you feel strong pressure from outside, subconsciously dreaming to be free, that is, not to be bound by any obligations.

In a dream, you are trying to rape or forced into sexual abuse? In your life there is a person who prevents you from acting independently, deprives you of personal space, annoys you.

Lesbian dreams suggest that you feel a lack of affection and a warm attitude towards yourself.If, on the contrary, you dreamed that you were using a whip in leather underwear, wait for events where you have to display all the skills of self-discipline and control.

What does a girl dream about sex in terms of psychology

As already mentioned, psychologists suggest that our subconscious desires and dreams appear in our dreams. Therefore, the most simple explanation of coition can be sexual dissatisfaction or erotic attraction to a person seen in a dream.

However, things may not be so straightforward. Of great importance is how you feel in a dream. If, for example, you are ashamed, anxious or painful - perhaps the life situation (completely unrelated to sexual relations) develops for you in an unpleasant way, which results in such images.

Therefore, in order to interpret your dream, try to remember and think over all the details.