What are the documents for adoption?

Many people today are seriously thinking about adopting a child. For such a move they are pushed for various reasons: someone cannot have their children, someone wants to have an even larger family, and someone just wants to give a chance for a happy life to a child. It is wrong to assume that only infertile or married people can adopt children. In addition, it is absolutely unimportant if the couple has their own children, the main thing is to carefully prepare for adoption. The legislation clearly states which documents are necessary for adoption, therefore, it is not so difficult to collect the necessary documents.

Required documents for adoption

  1. Under current law, both couples and one person can apply for adoption. Thus, there are no restrictions on the rights of people if they have no second half. Documents collected for adoption are submitted to the guardianship authorities for review. Here you need to write a statement outlining the request for extradition, confirming whether or not it is possible to be adoptive parents.
  2. One of the most important documents is a brief autobiography. She is not given to the court, but she plays an important role in the decision. It is advisable that you prepare it in advance and as accurately as possible describe all the necessary moments of life: indicated the educational institutions in which you studied, as well as the period of study, provided information about whether you were married and whether you were divorced, and what posts you worked. Usually, an autobiography takes up to two pages of printed text; writing is no longer necessary.
  3. You will need to give your spouse’s written consent to adopt a child. If you are divorced, you must file a divorce certificate as proof that you have terminated your family relationships and have not lived together for more than 12 months.
  4. An obligatory document is a certificate of employment. It is necessary to indicate the size of your salary and the position you occupy. For permission to adopt a child, your income must be at least a living wage, no less.
  5. In the list, which documents are still needed for the adoption of the child, an important place is occupied by an extract from the house register at the place of residence and a copy of the financial personal account.You will also need to prepare a certificate in advance that you have ownership of the property. That is, this right must be registered with the state.

Additional documents

If you do not know which documents you will need for adoption, turn your attention to the following.

  • So, you will need to file a certificate of no criminal record. You can get it in the internal affairs bodies. Usually, depending on the region in which you live, the procedure for processing this document takes approximately 45 days. For help, contact your local police inspector or write an application for this paper to the Investigation Committee.
  • Adopting a child without medical advice also fails. This conclusion is a certificate drawn up in form No. 164 / y-96. It is necessary to go through everything necessary for reference, the examination at the place of your registration, since both the dispensaries and the clinic must be state-owned. Make sure that on your certificate was the "stamp" of the institution, otherwise it will not be recognized as valid.As a rule, such a seal is set by the chief or head physician. Be careful: this certificate is valid only for 90 days after receipt. A longer period has only a fluorographic examination - 6 months.
  • Married people must bring a copy of the marriage certificate, as well as a passport or other document that is an identity card.

After the entire package of documents is provided to the guardianship authority, a statement will be drawn up on the results of the study of the living conditions of the person or persons who wish to adopt the child. There will also be prepared a conclusion on the possibility of being an adoptive parent.