What documents are stamped on?

Vladislav Meriin
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What documents are stamped on?

Employees of enterprises constantly have to deal with various documents. Some of them must be stamped, some not. It is important to know which documents are stamped on to prevent unpleasant errors in work. The main seal of the company must be put on documents signed by the first persons: the head, deputy head, and the chief accountant.

Also at the enterprise there can be auxiliary press. They are necessary in order to certify the signatures of the heads of various departments, offices or departments in the enterprise. It is important that the name of the subdivision in the organization structure and on the press be the same, for example, �Credit Department� or �Personnel Department�.

The documents on which the seal is placed at each enterprise may be slightly different. So, developing internal rules for the use of seals of an enterprise, you can independently determine where the seal should stand.To make the task easier, you can rely on the following list of documents to be printed:

  1. Foundation documents and their copies.
  2. Contracts concluded with institutions, enterprises, organizations, as well as additions and changes to them.
  3. Staff schedule of the enterprise, as well as its changes.
  4. Various acts.
  5. Arrangements.
  6. Warranty letters.
  7. Of the agreement.
  8. Checkbooks.
  9. Any accounting documents confirming the passage of funds.

This is a very exemplary list, which does not include the documents of the structural divisions of the enterprise, which require a seal, which must be taken into account when forming the internal rules of the enterprise.