What documents are needed for a loan?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
January 23, 2013
What documents are needed for a loan?

For a loan, the package of documents provided can be extended or simple. This will depend on the type of loan, its size and so on. If the risks of a bank when granting you a loan are high, you may need to collect a package of various references. In addition, to provide a loan, the bank may require collateral provided by you. And now about what documents are needed for a loan.

Key documents confirming your income

  • salary from the main place of work;
  • estimated interest income on deposits;
  • estimated business income;
  • estimated income from part-time work;
  • estimated income from renting available real estate;
  • other types of income;
  • The income of common-law spouses and close relatives can be taken into account.

Other documents

  • correctly completed application form;
  • a passport containing permanent registration, or another document confirming temporary registration at a specific address;
  • a copy of employment record, or a copy of the employment contract or a certificate from the employer.

Any type of lending provides a simplified or individual design scheme. They can be used by customers whose credit lines are open at a given bank, and customers of companies “friendly” with the bank (these may be depositors of the pension fund, or customers of insurance companies). Some insurance companies or funds enter into cooperation agreements with banks, according to which, their clients have the opportunity to receive discounts and other interesting opportunities when applying for loans. The lending procedure for the employees of these companies or the bank is rather simplified. Now you know what documents are needed.