What do they drink red wine with?

Victoria Matyushkina
Victoria Matyushkina
April 5, 2011
What do they drink red wine with?

Red wine is a light alcoholic drink. It relaxes and gives a pleasant feeling of euphoria. But few people can properly drink wine. Those who know the secrets of using this wonderful drink, get much more pleasure from wine.

Red wine: rules of use

In order to understand how to drink red wine, you need to remember the following things:

  • Before you dry a glass of red wine, inhale its aroma and sip a little. This will help to better feel the taste of the wine.
  • Table red wines are served at temperatures up to 16-18 degrees; sparkling red wines - up to 14-16 degrees.
  • Dry red wines should be heated to a temperature of 18-20 degrees in winter and up to 16-18 degrees in summer.
  • Red Bordeaux wines are drunk from tulip-shaped glasses, Burgundy - from spherical.
  • Red wine "breathes", so the bottle with him must be opened an hour before the feast.
  • Chilled wines are served first.
  • Many people recommend diluting red wine with boiling water. You can dilute the semi-dry, dry and sweet dessert wines.Fortified and semi-sweet wines should not be diluted, as you can spoil their taste.
  • Doctors believe that the allowable rate of red wine for a man is two or three glasses a day, for a woman - one or two.

Red wine: appetizer

Now we will decide on the question of what they drink red wine with. Wine is a capricious drink, not every snack will be well combined with it. Not compatible:

  • citrus fruit
  • seasonings such as vanilla, mint, cinnamon, curry.
  • chocolate

Many are interested in why red wine can not be with fish and canned fish. The answer is that all these products can distort the original taste of the wine. Also, do not advise smoking while drinking red wine.

Now about the products that can be used as a snack:

  • Red table wines can be combined with fatty meat dishes. Sausage, ham and bacon are suitable as snacks.
  • Semi-sweet wines are served with vegetable dishes. Crabs, oysters and crayfish are suitable as snacks.

Can I drink wine in the post

Many believers believe that drinking wine is a sin, much less drinking wine in fasting. Grape wine - blessed by the Lord God. The Gospel of Luke tells us that God turned water into wine, thus performing a miracle in Cana.There is also a parable that the Lord used wine to make His blood. So, is it possible to drink wine in fasting? God is against drunkenness, but drinking wine in moderation is not considered a sin, even during fasting. Lent allows you to drink wine on polieral days or on major holidays. During the Passion Week, wine is welcomed on a clean Thursday, you cannot drink wine on Good Friday.