What brand of camera is considered the best

Popular camera brands

One of the most famous brands of cameras is Nikon. This company began to produce the first optical devices for military purposes in 1917. Nikon released its first camera in 1946, and the first SLR camera of this brand went on sale in 1959. Vast experience and customer satisfaction brought Nikon into the market leaders - today professional photographers for the most part use cameras of this brand. A notable feature of the lenses of this company is a soft background blur, combined with good sharpness. In addition, Nikon cameras are equipped with low-noise special matrices.
Nikon's technology is quite difficult to manage, but reliable in operation, has more rigid optics, but quickly discharges the battery.
No less popular are the cameras of Sony, which produces high-quality photographic equipment for fans.The company also produces a wide range of various accessories and is constantly improving the functionality of its cameras. Most often, novice photographers purchase Sony equipment as their first camera, as it has an excellent price-performance ratio. The disadvantage of Sony cameras is the fragility of their battery, so you should take care to purchase a spare battery before purchasing.

Top camera brands

One of the market leaders in photographic equipment is Canon, which released its first camera with a slide frame in 1934. Today Canon cameras are considered to be convenient and multifunctional cameras, the lines of which are regularly updated with new models. Among the shortcomings of Canon’s photographic equipment, we can mention the excessive sharpness and color of the photos - however, its optics have a softer pattern, compared to Nikon.
Canon company first lowered the cost of SLR cameras, making them available for photographers.
And finally - the best brand of cameras in the world is the German Leica. This company has been developing and producing cameras since 1925.Her cameras are known for precise mechanics and excellent optics that have made this brand synonymous with quality, reliability and prestige. The only downside to the Leica brand is the very high cost of its cameras.