What are the hairstyles called?

Long since hairstyles, as well as clothes, formed the individual style of its owner. From our article you will find out which hairstyles are most popular with men and women, and we will also try to classify them in as much detail as possible.

What are male hairstyles called

In modern society, men began to follow the hair more and, accordingly, select more fashionable hairstyles. Usually hairstyles for men are divided into two types: short and long. Short hairstyles are most popular among men: they are practical, do not require special care and look great. Let's look at a few styles of men's hairstyles.


The most popular haircut among adult men. This haircut provides a smooth parting on the side and smooth hair styling, but you can change the styling by combing your hair in any desired direction.


These hairstyles prefer young men and adolescents. In short: thishairstyleshaircut with disheveled hair. In such hairstyles, hairdressers often use coloring.


These hairstyles are made mainly on long hair. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is that it creates the effect of negligence due to a multi-stage hairstyle and chaotic styling.


The most common hairstyles with neat styling and small irregularities.

Haircut machine

It is applied on very short hair, the length of which does not exceed 3-5 cm.


Some men prefer permed hair or perm with curling curlers.

Boxing and semi boxing

In the first case, the temples and the lower part of the neck are shaved; in the second, some hair is left on the temples and the back of the head.


This hairstyle came to us from England. It resembles a classic styling, but its difference is in the temporal part, which is smoothly laid using wax, and the upper strands are given volume.

We looked at the main part of the main popular men's hairstyles, and now let's find out what hairstyles are popular among women.

What are the women's hairstyles called

Our cheat sheet on women's hairstyles will help you bring the right information to your hairdresser. And also you yourself will learn to understand what hairstyles are.Types of haircuts are simple and model: in the first case, the length is cut evenly, and in the second the barber cuts the hair according to a certain pattern. First consider a few haircuts for short hair.


This hairstyle fits almost all women, and most importantly, it is very easy to lay. A special feature is also a special trimming of hair,hairstylesbased on tiling.

Short and Zador

These are common hairstyles "under the boy", but they look harmoniously far from any face shape. These hairstyles do not require styling.


Universal hairstyle for those who want to hide flaws, among which we single out sparse hair and uneven face shape.

The following types of hairstyles are suitable for both medium and long hair.

Caret (bob)

Classical hairstyle, in which the hair is cut along the same line. This technique gives the owner of the hairstyle the effect of thick hair. There are four variants of weight: it can be smooth, voluminous, provide for bangs, and there are also options with elongated strands in front or with hair tips twisted upwards.


Hair with such a haircut gradually cut short from the top of the crown and remain longer from the bottom. This haircut allows its owner to do different styling. However, it should be borne in mind that this hairstyle is not suitable for women who have curly hair and long face.


Extravagant hairstyle that will look great with bright highlights. At the temples, the hairdresser makes pointed triangular strands, at the back of the head - long, and at the crown, the strands often “stick out”.


A little forgotten haircut. Its peculiarity is that the hair is evenly cut along the entire length, and the tips are curled inside. This hairstyle is the business card of the French singer Mireille Mathieu.