What are the dishes?

Irina Saprykina
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What are the dishes?

Once a man was content with a minimum set of dishes for food and its preparation. But since then, a lot of time has passed, and today its huge assortment is presented in stores. We offer to find out what is the dishes and what is the purpose of each of its species.

Types of dishes

Dishes differ in several parameters. The first difference is the material from which it is made. These are glass, cast iron, ceramics, glaze, metal (stainless steel). The second is the purpose of using the dishes. There are four main categories.

For cooking

In this category are dishes designed for cooking. It includes:

  • Pots;
  • Frying pans;
  • Stewpans;
  • Boilers;
  • Bowls, mixing cups;
  • Auxiliary devices (graters, rolling pins, cutting boards and other kitchen utensils).

For serving

After the food is cooked, it must be served at the table. To do this, use dishes from another category - serving. This includes:

  • Plates (pastry, snack bars, dessert, deep and small);
  • Glasses;
  • Tea and coffee cups;
  • Teapots and coffee pots;
  • Milkmen, creamers;
  • Spoons, forks and knives (serving);
  • Salad Bowls;
  • Dishes (round and oval);
  • Vases on the leg for cakes and pastries;
  • Sockets for jam, honey and sweets;
  • Bouillon cups, bowls;
  • Spice Craft;
  • Sugar bowl and salt shaker;
  • Napkin holders, etc.

For carrying

The list of dishes is replenished by representatives of the third category, used for carrying. It:

  • Trays;
  • Trays;
  • Capacities for transfer of liquid;
  • Containers for carrying food.

For microwave

With the appearance of microwaves, another category of dishes appeared. It is used to prepare and heat food in microwaves. Crockery is made of materials that do not affect the operation of microwaves (glass, ceramics). It is strictly contraindicated to use in microwaves dishes made of metal or with metal parts, as well as non-heat-resistant plastic.