Weave a snowflake of beads and beads

Weave a Christmas decorationa snowflake made of beads and beads, which can be used both as a Christmas tree decoration and as an element for another New Year project or gift.

Materials and tools:

  1. pearl beads 8 mm
  2. pearl beads 4 mm
  3. beads 2 mm;
  4. thin wire
  5. scissors.

Step 1

Bite off a piece of wire 70 cm long and proceed to weave.

String 5 beads of 8 mm onto a wire and tighten them into a ring, passing both ends of the wire through one bead.

We leave one end long - 60 cm, the other short.

Step 2

Then we use the end of a long 60 cm in the weave.

String a bead of 4 mm, beads 2 mm, bead 4 mm, two beads 2 mm, bead 8 mm, beads 2 mm, bead 8 mm, beads 2 mm, bead 8 mm, beads 2 mm.

Now we will sell the end of the wire to the second bead 2 mm from the initial ring and tighten.

Next, string 4 mm bead, 2 mm beads, 4 mm bead and pass the end of the wire through the 8 mm bead.

Step 3

Weave continue clockwise to the next bead 8 mm.

String the same number of beads at the end and in the same order as described in Step 1.

We pass the end of the wire through the bead of 4 mm of the last petal and tighten it.

Step 4

Repeating the above described weave three more petals of snowflakes.

We pass the wire through a bead 8 mm and through a bead 4 mm of the first petal.

String on the end of beads 2 mm, bead 4 mm and beads 2 mm. Longer do the same as with other petals.