Weather in Crimea in September 2016 - weather forecast. What is the weather usually at the beginning and end of September in different parts of the Crimea?

PKS-001Of course, the summer months are considered traditional for holidays, but among tourists there are those who do not like to visit the resorts at the height of the season and prefer to go on holiday in a more quiet time of the year, for example, in early autumn. These people carefully read the reviews of holidaymakers, study the forecast of the weather center to find out what the weather in the Crimea is planned for September, and only then choose the area of ​​the peninsula that is suitable for visiting.


Families with preschoolers tend to prefer Evpatoria, where the highest water temperature on the Black Sea coast is always recorded in the first month of autumn.Connoisseurs of exquisite jazz music go to Koktebel, where the famous festival is held at the beginning of the month and combine morning beach procedures with evening music events. Theaters choose Yalta and parallel to a beach holiday, visit the beautiful Chekhov Fest, held on the urban chamber scene at the end of the month. Fans of crystal-clear refreshing water, peace and solitude go to Ponizovka and enjoy all the delights of the Crimean nature away from the hustle and bustle.

Weather in Crimea in September 2016 - a preliminary forecast of the weather center

A preliminary forecast of the weather center says that the weather in the Crimea in September 2016 will be moderately warm, clear and dry. In the very first few days, it will wait a little on the south coast, but by 4-5 September the situation will even out and the clouds will disappear as suddenly as they appeared. The air temperature for almost the entire month will last at + 21 ... 25 ° C during the day and + 16 ... 20 ° C at night. In the first decade, sea water will warm up to ++ 21 ... 23 ° C and only around 25 will it begin to cool under the influence of a colder cyclone.

Weather in Crimea in September - water temperature in the Black Sea


Like the weather in the Crimea in September, so the temperature of the water near the Black Sea coast contributes to a long pastime on the beach. Characteristic for this period is the range from + 20 ° C to + 23 ° C. The highest rates are usually recorded on the shallow-water beaches of Evpatoria, and the lowest - on the Yalta coast. Strong, prolonged storm almost does not disturb in September the coastal resort zone. Light winds, sometimes attacking the peninsula, only slightly wave the azure expanse of water and rest do not interfere at all.

What is usually the weather at the beginning and at the end of September in different districts of Crimea


What is usually the weather at the beginning and at the end of September is established in different areas of the Crimea, you can learn from statistical data and observations of meteorologists. According to this information, the first month of autumn is optimal for a beach holiday, as well as for rich excursion tours. The average air temperature over the peninsula during the day warms up to + 21 ... 25 ° C, and at night it drops to + 17 ... 20 ° C. The sea pleases with pleasant warmth (up to +21 ... 22 ° C) and almost complete absence of waves. The number of people on the beaches is significantly reduced and it becomes much more comfortable to rest.Especially, the recession is felt in Evpatoria, where, as a rule, families with children of pre-school and school age spend their holidays.

Precipitation during this period of time rarely falls. In the most southerly regions (Yalta, Alupka, Alushta), rains occur once or twice a month and end as quickly as they begin. In the capital of Crimea and in the eastern regions of the peninsula, the weather is clear and dry. It gets a little cold only in the mountains, and in the mornings there are thick fogs. Therefore, in order to admire the stunning Crimean landscapes, without fear of catching a cold, you should take waterproof shoes and a windbreaker with you.

Weather in Crimea in September - reviews of tourists


What is the weather in the Crimea in September, not only the last year's forecasts of the hydrometeorological center, but also the reviews of tourists who visited the peninsula in previous years. From them we can draw the following conclusion: the first autumn month is ideal for a pleasant and varied holiday. The air temperature still allows you to sunbathe on the beach for a long time, and the water beckons with its warmth and light, gentle waves. However, suffocating heat no longer hinders to see the sights, go for long excursions and walk along the streets of resort towns.

At the beginning of the month, and more precisely in the very first days, short-term precipitation occurs, but by September 6-7, dry, clear and windless weather sets in over the entire peninsula. In the central regions, the thermometer during this period rises to + 24 ... 25 ° C, and in the south to +23 ° C. Directly on the coast in Yalta, Alupka, Miskhor and Foros, the mercury column rises to +21 ... 22 ° C and only at the end of the month it gets a little cold throughout the territory.

The water temperature in the sea steadily keeps at the mark of + 22 ° C, and on the shallow beaches of Evpatoria it sometimes warms up to + 23 ° C. There is almost no wind at this time, rainfall ends as quickly as in summer, and market stalls are full of fresh fruits and vegetables. On the beach, you can easily take a good place near the water and fully enjoy the delicate sunlight.