We decorate the can lid under the button

Materials and tools:

  1. A can with a metal screw cap
  2. marker;
  3. drill and small drills
  4. Sandpaper or grinding unit
  5. black wire or cord
  6. brush;
  7. wax
  8. black and desirable wax color.

Step 1

At about the center of the lid with a marker, mark the places for future holes, drill 4 holes. Paint the cover with black paint in one layer and wait until the paint dries.

Step 2

Take the lid and wax it on the edges and dents on the lid. We put on the lid the paint of the desired color and wait until it dries. Now lightly brush the grinding block to remove the top layer of paint (see the figure). Finally, thread the cord through the holes and knot it on the inside.

Allcover-buttonis ready.