Wday Dad: Ryan Gosling education rules

Who would have thought a couple of years ago that this lady and the kidnapper of women's hearts would become an exemplary family man and loving daddy of two charming daughters! Ryan Gosling celebrated his 36th birthday, and we remembered the actor's most gentle sayings about his wife and daughters.

About wife

Ryan Gosling on Eva Mendez
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Ryan met the beautiful Eva Mendez on the set of the film “A Place Under the Pines”. Ironically, the actors played a married couple, and soon the screen love turned into real love.

Together, the couple for five years. Over the years, Ryan has repeatedly offered Eve an offer, but each time she rejected it. Eva herself believes that marriage only destroys the relationship. And soon Gosling himself accepted the opinion of his beloved. “I see no point in the wedding, and I am happy that a woman like Eve is with me!” Said Gosling.

But it is worth noting that Eva is a girl with Spanish roots, passionate and terribly jealous. And as soon as the first rumors about Gosling's romance with its film partner Emma Stone loomed on the horizon,Mendez herself made an offer to Ryan! The couple did not give official confirmations of this, but relatives say that the wedding took place in the backyard of the family house.

To the question of the English magazine HELLO, “What is the feminine ideal for you?” He replied: “This is Eva Mendes. I'm not looking for anyone else. I know that I am close to the person with whom I should be. ” It seems that it remains only to envy the beautiful Eve.

About fatherhood

Ryan Gosling on Eva Mendez
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“I finally feel that I have found balance,” says the actor. - After becoming a father (Gosling's daughter Esmeralda, who was born on September 12, 2014, and Amada, who was born on April 29, 2016. - Approx. Woman’s Day), every day life only gets better and better. All I aspire to is to return home in the evening. Fatherhood takes a lot of strength, but brings even more joy, especially since Eve is an ideal mother. ”

Ryan very anxiously guarded his wife from annoying paparazzi. And so reverently that no reporter could capture Eva during her second pregnancy. Therefore, the birth of a second daughter for all was a surprise.

Gosling is very pleased with the appearance of his daughters and has never said, by the way, that he dreamed of a son.

“Women are better than us. I am sure of this because I grew up surrounded by women. They seem stronger and wiser to me. They even develop faster: girls become adults before boys. ”

And Ryan admits that he is delighted with life in such a female kingdom. “My life is like a daily walk through a blooming field. I live with angels. These are my rays of the sun. ”

Star dad affectionately calls his eldest daughter Esmeralda Essie. And now teaches how to stand up for yourself. “In childhood I always dreamed of getting into the world of graffiti. My house was in the center of the city, and they told me that if you block someone’s graffiti with your own, it means that you are challenging. Some children erase the name Essy and write their own instead. I take it as a challenge. I believe that these children unnecessarily have access to a huge amount of chalk. I try to explain to my little girl what is wrong, but she, in my opinion, doesn't care about that. She says: “Well, let's just write somewhere else,” and I answer her: “No, no, no. They disrespectful of your mom. She gave you your name, and they wash it! ”

By the way, few people know that Gosling had a son from another woman! Even before daughters were born, Ryan posted a touching photo with a baby on his Facebook page.This little boy is the son of a close friend of the actor who died of cancer. As Ryan himself admitted, he promised the mother of the child to take care of him. But only Gosling tasted the joy of fatherhood, as a year later the biological father of the boy appeared, who sued all custody. Needless to say, this was a blow to Ryan.

“On Father's Day, I decided to tell my story. This baby was only 9 months old when I became his father. His mother and I were good friends. And then she died of cancer. I promised her that I would take care of him. So I decided to take a responsible step and became his father. He brought me so much joy! He became everything to me. A year after adoption, his biological father wanted to return it. Of course, I began to fight, but in the end he won. This year taught me infinite love. We must stop fighting and be grateful to our children for what they are, and children should be grateful to their parents. The main thing is that I realized that every child needs love most of all, ”Gosling wrote on Facebook.