Vin Diesel admitted that he is in love with Russia

Now we are waiting for him for a passport.
Vin Diesel came to Moscow photo
Photo: Instagram @vindiesel

All the same, Mikhail Lomonosov was right: “If somewhere has departed, it means that somewhere has arrived!” While some citizens are saying that Russian talents and minds are flowing abroad, the population of Russia is replenished due to star Western migrants. Over the past couple of years, Russian passports have been given to Gerard Depardieu, Roy Jones. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, star of the movie "Taxi" Sami Naseri and Mickey Rourke declared their desire to become a citizen of the Russian Federation. Without Steven Seagal, it is generally difficult to imagine any sporting or ceremonial event. Robert De Niro recently opened his own Japanese restaurant in Moscow.

But this list of brutal beauties would not be complete without ... Wine Diesel. On his Instagram page, the actor posted a photo against the background of the Kremlin. The caption reads: “My first visit to Russia ... 2009 ... The Fast and the Furious Actors and I just fell in love with this country. Wonderful memories. Under the recording, thousands of comments from Russian fans of the artist appeared instantly with invitations to their hometowns.Some of the subscribers suggested that Vin should move to us for good and get a passport, changing his name to “Benjamin Petrol”, they say, Russia needs strong guys. This is not the first time that Diesel shows interest in our country.