Trip abroad

Hello everyone! I need advice on how to take time off from my mother to the guy for the presentation of a diploma to Europe. I wanted to travel to Europe at the same time and visit the concert of my favorite artist.

I'm 20 years old, a guy too. We studied in the same school, we have been meeting for almost 2 years. Relations are serious. I study at the university for 3 courses on a grant and get a scholarship, accumulated a sufficient amount for the trip, but I do not know how to get help from my mother. Mom is 61 years old, she is very strict, she does not like a guy.


I think that you will not succeed. Mom won't let you alone, I'm sure

take time off at 20 years old is something interesting!

a guest09.05.18 09:23

The advice of a person who has gone through a similar situation.

2 years do not talk about serious relationships.

Judging by the question, you do not even have the practice of living together with this person, since such a question comes in as asking for leave. Consequently, either you, as an adult, collect monatki and leave. But then another question arises whether you are ready to go through adult life, live with a guy and make plans for the future. If you are dependent on your parents, eat, sleep and be kept and merge - it will not be very much on your part. And if you are looking for an excuse to take time off, then you know better, because this is your mother

I also think that one will not let you go

The possibility is always there, you need to find the right words.