Toys from plastic bottles with their own hands - photos, videos, how to make

Toys from plastic bottles with their own hands

Toys from plastic bottles with their own hands

If you relax with your kids outside the city, then an excellent idea will be the joint manufacture of toys for the dacha, which can also become an excellent decorative element for the garden. Especially they will be good in specially designated children's areas, which will serve as playgrounds.


Products from plastic bottles are a great option to cope with accumulating debris and entertain your child or the whole children's company.


You can be sure that your baby will play with such toys with pleasure and your work will not be in vain. Most often, such crafts become the most favorite objects of a little curious person. Perhaps children feel the warmth of your hands and the kindness of your heart when they prefer the results of your applied creativity, which is limited only by your imagination?


All adults are instantly transferred to the world of their happy childhood, when they pick up their suitcase or basket for needlework to create their next masterpiece, which will forever remain in the warm memory of the family as something special. It is from such kind pages that our life develops.


Watch the master-class videos yourself to make sure that it will be quite easy for you to make your kid happy with a surprise.


Video: how to make toys from plastic bottles with their own hands



Easy workshop on making two children's toys


What you need for a new car:

  • Empty plastic water bottle;
  • Paints;
  • Caps from bottles;
  • Brushes;
  • Paper;
  • Toothpicks.


Creating a toy car is within the capabilities of each. This machine allows you to recycle plastic bottles, and you can take care of the environment in this way.


Stages of work:


1. Take a water bottle. Drain all liquid and make sure the bottle is dry inside. If there was a sweet liquid in it, wash it beforehand.
2. Paint the bottle outside.


Toys from plastic bottles with their own hands


3. Take the four wheel covers.
4.Paint the wheels black (optional).


Toys from plastic bottles with their own hands


5. Cut the top of the bottle, so you will get a windshield.
6. Drill holes in the sides of the bottle.


Toys from plastic bottles with their own hands


7. Insert the toothpicks into the holes, this will serve as the axles for your car.
8. Drill holes in the lids from the bottles.


Toys from plastic bottles with their own hands


9. Attach the wheels to the axles of the car.
10. Add decorations and details to your typewriter, if you want, and have fun!


Toys from plastic bottles with their own hands


Advice: small children should not use a drill, therefore adults should help them.


DIY Firefly


Your kids will love doing this craft this summer! A green plastic bottle becomes a firefly thanks to the use of a neon wand. Children love these sticks, and this is a fun and different method of their use. Kids will be delighted if every time to make a unique glowing beetle. After the fireflies are made, they can be stored for years, changing only the neon stick inside. It's especially cool to depict the flight of such fireflies at night.


You will need:

  • Green plastic bottle;
  • One neon wand;
  • Three pieces of decorative wire with stiff bristles of green or black color for the feet;
  • One piece of the same gold, silver or black fluffy wire (for antennae);
  • Two children's plastic beads (for eyes);
  • Heavy paper or cardboard (for body and wings);
  • Glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Black paint;
  • Transparent tape.




1. Start this craft by clearing the green bottle. Remove the sticker by immersing the bottle in warm water for a while. Rinse well and allow to dry completely.
2. Twist the green or black wire in the middle of the bottle, as shown in the photo. And then bend them so that they resemble paws more.
3. Cut a rectangle of thick paper or cardboard to wrap around the bottle. Do not wrap them completely. Cut the rectangle a little smaller, so the paper will end where the legs start (as shown in the photo).


Toys from plastic bottles with their own hands


4. Fold another piece of heavy paper or cardboard in half. Cut the wing-shaped using the crease for the specular wings. Glue them on top of the body firefly.
5. Paint the bottle cap black and let it dry. Twist the lid on your firefly. Glue the two yellow beads on the sides of the cover, it will be the eyes of a firefly. Tip: make sure you screw the cap on well before sticking your eyes, otherwise they may be in the wrong position.Then wrap the golden decorative wire around the neck of the bottle, twist well and curl the ends to get the antennae.


Toys from plastic bottles with their own hands


6. Bend the neon wand so that it starts working, and place it inside. You may not fix it, but we used transparent tape to attach the top of the wand inside the neck. If you stick a wand, it is not very easy to re-use a firefly.