Top 7 most elegant jokes of the day - get distracted by the positive!

Chic anecdotes

Each company of friends has its own jokes, which are clear only to them. Sometimes, witnesses of how people are having fun with something strange when they think that they themselves have a little of that, but more often they just envy them a little. And who does not want to laugh again?

So for a moment, no one here is strange. Some of the scientists had absolutely nothing to do, and he sat and analyzed things that cause a violent positive emotional reaction, in other words, laughter. And whether this guy himself had something wrong with a sense of humor, or the truth is the way it is, but he made a very unexpected conclusion. In 80-90% of cases, people laugh at phrases that do not contain anything funny! But the context plays a huge role: and who speaks, and how he speaks, and what emotions causes others.

That is why someone knows how to tell jokes, but someone does not.