Tom Cruise was injured on the set of the movie "Mission Impossible"

Sad news came from the shooting of the sixth part of the blockbuster "Mission Impossible" in London. During the jump to the roof, the permanent singer of the leading role, Tom Cruise did not calculate his strength, hit the wall of the building and almost fell. The video from the set shows how it all happened. Now, the brave two broken ankle bones are broken, and the film will have to be postponed for at least four months.

WATCH: Tom Cruise limps away after performing a stunt on the London set of Mission: Impossible 6:

- Good Morning America (@GMA)August 14, 2017

Tom Cruise can always be blamed for the absence of good roles, but not that he is a bad actor. Today, he is probably one of the few who does not stand aside on the set, hoping for doublers and computer graphics, and laid out his best and really risks his life. Tom tries to do all the tricks himself, without the help of professional stuntmen, because of which he is forced to constantly change insurance companies that refuse to work in such dangerous conditions (remember at least a shot,when the actor was trying to grab the plane taking off).

Hopefully Tom Cruise will get better soon and be able to return to the shoot. "Mission Impossible - 6", if the deadline due to injury will not go astray, will be released in July 2018.