The young couple managed to make comfortable, thoughtful space literally from nothing in 3 months

A young couple from Utah, Sarah and Patrick, decided to build their own mobile home after Patrick got the opportunity to work as a graphic designer in another city. The guys had a plan for Napoleon - to build a house in just 3 months, so as not to rent a house in the new city. Despite the fact that the couple met many obstacles in their path, with the support of their parents and friends, Sarah and Patrick built a house for 3 months literally from nothing.

When transporting the house built from Utah to Cottonwood, it turned out that the house is not so small and almost touches the roof of the electric wire.

According to the girl, despite the fact that the construction of the house took some time, she is very pleased with the final result.In addition, she learned to use power tools and built a house with her father and husband from scratch.

And so everything is located inside the house - a bathroom, a bedroom and a small kitchen with a mini fridge, stove, oven and microwave.

The girl decorated the house in bright colors, adding a few bright details.

And here are a folding sofa and a folding table.

The house can live up to 4 people.

Stylish bathroom

A convenient place to relax and read your favorite books

Bedroom with nature view

And this is the path to the house on wheels

The mobile home is the ideal solution for those who love to travel and at the same time appreciate the comfort of home.