The painting on the plates: how to decorate the interior with simple things

Life moves at an incredible speed, there are always a lot of cases. House. Work.Children. Sometimes life dictates a fast rhythm. This is clarity, speed, accuracy. If you make repairs, then all unnecessary is thrown away, recycled., So as not to collect rubbish.

And it so happens that this very “trash” can inspire to create something incredible. Everyone is familiar with, simple boards of which boxes for fruit are made, or boxes with home appliances are sheathed with them. Usually, these planks live a very short life, but if you stop. look at them. They are adorable in their simplicity. They can inspire to create a cute mural.

One plate is a sign on the door or on the wall: drill two holes, thread the string, write or draw something funny, and now, it's ready. Your kids will surely help you beat these simple objects!


And if you connect several boards together, fasten them together ... See how beautiful it can be. The painting, it seems, is so simple, but it looks very nice.