The most stylish coats of 2015 (16 photos)

Sani, as you know, you need to cook in the summer. Also, it would be superfluous to start choosing and buying a fur coat in such a warm season. First, there is time to think, and secondly, a tangible saving. But what kind of coats will be fashionable in the future 2015? Let's figure it out!

True lady

Main trends

The most important and fundamental feature of the coming winter season is diversity and diversity. Apparently, in this way the designers decided to dilute the cold winter days.


And everything will be diverse: styles, furs, decor elements and even colors. So if you already have a classic fur coat, by all means purchase a second, but brighter and bold one. Such a thing will certainly lift your spirits and make you the real queen!

What furs are in fashion?

Beautifully and gently

So, what fur will be relevant in the future 2015? Famous designers decided to provide freedom of choice, so there are many options:

  • As before, the classic remains in the trend and the mink that has grown fond of many. This fur is almost a symbol of chic and elegance, so it is often found on fashion shows.
  • The beaver’s fur looks no less richly, which, by the way, is more practical than the mink, because it does not fear snow, rain and other vagaries of winter weather.
  • Classic sheepskin fur is considered the most affordable, and this feature was taken into account by fashion designers, having made many interesting models from it. Not everyone likes this material, but some people like it very much.
  • Mouton looks elegant and gentle. In addition, it is very warm.
  • Karakul is also relevant, but more suitable for middle-aged ladies.
  • Tuscany will also make the image elegant, but this fur requires special care (however, like any other).
  • In the trend of a long pile, for example, llama fur. At the shows in fashion houses, models were presented that make a girl look like a real snowman. On the one hand, it is not too elegant, but, on the other hand, this option is very original. Almost all models with long pile are voluminous and fluffy, so that ladies with appetizing forms are unlikely to fit.
  • Artificial fur is also relevant, which implies a variety of textures and colors.
  • Gorgeous chinchilla will also be in trend.
  • Sable fur is also used by many designers.
  • Popular and will be loved by many fox fur.

Actual shades

In the coming season, a real riot of colors is expected, so that the colors of fur coats in some cases will be very unexpected and unnatural. For example, lilac coats, blue, emerald, maroon, orange and even lemon will be relevant.


In such outerwear it is impossible not to surprise others. But in the trend and soft pastel shades, for example, peach, beige, sand and others. Anyone can feel like a queen in a snow-white fur coat, this color will also be fashionable, like the classic and elegant black. White coats, by the way, are suitable only for slim girls.


But the real fashion of the coming winter season is multi-colored models. Designers tried to glory and played with shades. Tone can be combined with blocks, pieces of different shapes, stripes. Two-color models, separated by color into two parts, are relevant.


Not only interesting colors, but also prints can surprise. Next winter, animalistic patterns (leopard, tiger and others), as well as abstract or geometric patterns and designs will be fashionable.


Variety of styles

Not everybody will have this option.

What fashion coats does the winter of 2015 prepare for us? In the coming season, the most diverse styles will be presented, so that any fashionista will find something for herself. Here are some especially relevant options:

  1. Shortened models are relevant. Short coats are very comfortable and elegant, especially for business women, who spend most of their time in the car. But those girls who are forced to periodically or constantly spend a lot of time outdoors can freeze.
  2. Ladies who prefer the classics can calm down, as long coats will also be in trend. Such a model may seem cumbersome, but it all depends on the features of the style and on the fur. Although if a girl leads an active lifestyle, the long hem can interfere.
  3. The best and most convenient option is a medium length knee length fur coat. This is convenient, and beautiful, and warm.
  4. Also short coats to mid-thigh or slightly covering the buttocks will be fashionable. Particularly relevant volumetric free-cut short fur coats with flared sleeves.
  5. Designers made a bet on the volume, so in the trend there will be such styles as trapezoid and A-silhouette.Actual will be forgotten by many smart mantos of almost any length. Such models will emphasize charm, but they are more suited to slim and tall girls.
  6. If you are not afraid of the harsh winter or are moving exclusively on a private car, then feel free to choose a short fur coat-cap or fur cloak. Such models are perfectly combined with elegant evening dresses and do not make the figure heavier.
  7. If you prefer minimalism and elegance, get a feminine fur coat that will be perfectly combined with strict suits.
  8. Waistcoats that remained at the peak of fashion for several seasons in a row gradually fade into the background, although some designers cannot say goodbye to them. But the vests of the next season will be unusual. The fitted models are gradually replaced by free models of the direct cut. Want to emphasize the waist? Fashion designers offer wide belts or thin straps.

Fashion details

Short version

Fur coat complements details that sometimes play the role of a bright accent of the image. Here are some elements that designers offer in the future 2015:

  • Designers decided to play and experiment with the sleeves, so that you can meet models with extended cuffs or, on the contrary, narrowed.
  • Shortened sleeves that can make a girl elegant and at the same time fragile are also relevant. But such models are best combined with long gloves that go over the elbow, which, firstly, will provide warmth, and secondly, will give a special charm to the image.
  • Volumetric fittings are a thing of the past, so that in the next season you will see a lot of models with hidden clasps, not visible to others.
  • Also actual will be the coat with the smell. From the cold and the wind, either an inconspicuous hook or belt will be protected.
  • Femininity will never go out of fashion, so there will be different belts and straps in the trend. Their thickness can vary from a few centimeters to 20 and even 30. Such corset belts will make your waist aspen.
  • Some designers have introduced models with inserts made of leather, wool or even fabric. You can also find combinations of several types of fur, for example, different textures or different lengths of pile. It looks very original.
  • Fashionable fur coats without collar.
  • Turn-around and volumetric collars can also be found in the coming winter season. They, by the way, can differ from other parts of a fur coat both in color and material.
  • You will see cut lines or patterns in the coats.
  • Asymmetry is also relevant, which, by the way, was not previously inherent in outerwear, especially fur coats.

Go to the store and get a stylish and fashionable fur coat.

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