The most popular names of boys in Russia

If you do not know what to call a son, or want to find out if there are many men in Russia who are also called, find out which male names in the country are considered the most popular.

What names are more common?

The most popular names of boys in Russia:

  1. Artyom. From the Greek language the name can be translated as "having perfect health" or "safe." Artyom is growing very calm and from an early age does not impose his society on others, therefore, he may seem reserved and modest. But at the same time, he is confident and sociable, so he finds friends easily. The representative of the stronger sex with the same name is persistent, but for making decisions he needs to think and weigh everything.
  2. The list includes the name Alexander. The word has several variations of the translation from Greek: "man", "preserving", "protector". Since childhood, Sasha has attracted people around him due to such qualities as assertiveness, imperiousness, courage.He is a great leader, ready to lead people along and instill in them the confidence inherent in him too. Sasha is honest and fair, he is used to achieving goals, but he is not ready to “go ahead”, which deserves respect. Alexander has a keen mind and excellent developed intuition.
  3. Maksim. From the Latin language the name translates as “the greatest”, and such a value defines some traits of the boy’s character. Since childhood, he is ambitious and proud, but these qualities can greatly interfere if they prevail. If you direct the potential in the right direction, Max will achieve much in life, because he is incredibly energetic and active, but still prefers moderation in everything.
  4. Daniel. The name is of biblical origin, and it can be translated as “the court of God,” “judge,” and “just.” Danya is growing very sociable boy. At first, he seems shy, but then he draws in on himself, shows artistry. Daniel is emotionally stable and over the years becomes calmer, in all affairs and undertakings he is reasonable and unhurried, keeps a positive and sober thinking in all situations.
  5. Dmitriy. The name has Greek roots and appeared due to the goddess of fertility Demeter, so that the translation can be interpreted roughly as a "farmer". Dima is very active, has the will to live and is persistent.But if you knock him out of the rut, he can become discouraged and stop acting. The carrier of a name is a good friend, but in family life it can suppress relatives with stubbornness, defend their opinion, even if it is incorrect. Dima is sociable and very in love, but feelings usually pass quickly.
  6. Michael. The roots of the ancient Jewish, translation - "equal to God." The boy since childhood is very soft, tender and gentle, seeks to please everyone. Growing up, Misha remains a connoisseur of beauty and aesthetics, rarely shows rigidity and often strives for perfection, paying attention to detail.
  7. Egor is translated as a "farmer". The owner of such a name is businesslike and practical, but at the same time prone to experiences, often takes everything too close to the heart. Egor is hardworking and diligent, he can devote himself to his beloved work entirely and because of this he can reach heights and become the best. Negative qualities include a certain tediousness, grumbling, and sometimes hot temper.
  8. Matvey From the Hebrew language, the name is translated as “God-given”, and its carrier often hides feelings and withdraws into itself, does not give free rein to emotions, does not make contact well. He is not always sure, but if someone inspires faith, then Matvey has the power to change his life and achieve the desired. He is bold and energetic, striving for harmony.
  9. Ivan is "pardoned by God."Vanya is active, may have an explosive character, sometimes contradictory. In it sometimes opposite qualities coexist, therefore the owner of a name can search all his life for himself and the meaning of life, to rush from side to side. But he is talented and diversified.
  10. Cyril is translated as "lord", "lord." From an early age, the owner of the name is curious, interested in almost everyone. Cyril is smart and has will power, and ambition can be a stimulus. The character is very controversial and unpredictable, so often the owner of the name performs unexpected deeds.

Rare male name rating

The top interesting and rather rare names include the following:

  1. Mark. There are several versions of the origin, as well as translations, for example, “hammer”, “marquis”. The carrier of a name since the childhood shows egocentrism and gets used to be in the center of attention. He can be jealous, but the desire to become the best helps Mark to climb up the career ladder, to achieve success. This representative of the stronger sex is hidden, but is ready to open to loved ones.
  2. Plato from Greek means “wide”. The owner of this name is well trained and literally grabs everything on the fly.Diligence and hard work help him in his life, and achieving goals is the result of the effort.
  3. Be proud The name can be translated as "master," "king." Pride peaceful, rather modest, kind. He does not like to stand out, but he takes an active life position and develops vigorous activity, becoming one of the best in his business. Creativity can be observed.
  4. Arthur. Translation - "bear" or "stone." The owner of the name is balanced, has a fine mindset, analyzes literally everything. But sometimes excessive stubbornness can prevent Arthur and cause his failures. If this trait is softened, success is assured.
  5. A lion. The name is translated as "king of beasts." Since childhood, Leo is kind and calm, leadership qualities are weak. But in adulthood, the carrier of such a name can gain a high status due to ambition and dedication.
  6. Miron - "fragrant", "fragrant." The representative of the strong half of humanity with the same name is leisurely, generous, very soft and kind. Sometimes kindness prevents him, but still clearly manifest assertiveness and commitment to the goal will help to achieve something in life.
  7. Vsevolod - “owning”, “all-powerful”. In childhood, he is appeasable, grows balanced, shows diligence and patience, knows how to prioritize and focus. He is not ready to take risks, but he transfers difficulties easily.
  8. Saveliy. Translations: “hard work”, unpretentious ”,“ simple ”. The carrier of the name is dreamy, leads a healthy and active lifestyle, does not go into conflicts and is able to find a middle ground, analyzes situations and itself.
  9. Elisha translates as "God saves." The owner of the name has a developed imagination, is leisurely and does not like routine work, but is always ready to do analysis and learn something new. Other qualities - sociability, temperament, sense of humor.
  10. Demyan - "the submissive." A man with that name is reliable, fair, calm, principled, emotional and sensitive. He is strongly attached to relatives and does not forgive betrayal.

The weirdest names

Parents living in Russia also prefer unusual names. And among them there are some that were surprised and made to smile by those involved in registration of registry offices. Lucifer, Gus, Aladdin, Lily of the Valley Skedub, Christ, Dolphin, Lemon, Angel, Irkut, Sir, Crimea, Porof,Ogneslav, Georgius, Almaz, Arkan, Boulevard, Gigabyte, Darwin, Iris, Madagascar, Lord, Ocean, Narcissus, Bro, Mercury, Cosmos, Wind, March, Dar, Kit, Luka-Happiness.

Surely you were curious to know which names of boys in Russia are most popular.

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