The most fashionable summer pants: options for everyone (15 photos)

Almost every fashionable woman who respects herself can find at least one, or even several, pairs of pants in her wardrobe. This is so versatile clothing that some of the fair sex almost never part with them ever.

The approaching summer season is already very close, so it's time to inquire about the latest fashionable summer trousers. To always remain stylish and elegant, you need to be aware of all the new trends that famous fashion houses offer us.

How to choose the right model?

There is an opinion that not every woman can wear trousers, because all the figure flaws can be seen in them. And this is absolutely erroneous reasoning, because, if you choose the right style of trousers, you can not only hide your figure flaws, but also emphasize all its advantages, while remaining at this fashionable and bright. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Often hesitate to wear pants of the owner of wide hips, which is absolutely not correct.For these ladies fit cut, in which the fabric will expand from the middle of the thigh, which will create a mysterious silhouette that hides your large hips. You can try the classic straight cut, which will be added arrows.

It is desirable that the pants were of the same tone, without bright applications on the legs and pockets-buckles on the hips. Ladies with lush hips will have to avoid only narrowed-down models.

If, on the contrary, you complain that you have flat buttocks, then patch pockets and applications will be just the way.

It happens that girls suffer because of the lack of a waist, as they have a rectangle shape type. In this case, trousers with a high waist will look perfectly perfect, you can add a wide belt to them.

A smooth transition from the chest to the thighs can be achieved with the help of a wide dark belt in combination with light pants, you can also try pants with side pockets that visually enlarge the hips, making your figure more proportionate.

If you have short legs, then this is not a problem, especially if the figure is slim. For you, elongated pants with high waist, visually correcting your deficiency.In this case, it is mandatory to choose the right footwear - it should be in the tone of the trousers and, preferably, on high heels.

Visually lengthen your legs and pants, which are decorated with a vertical strip or arrows.

If you are the owner of extra pounds, then here you can find a solution. For complete people, summer pants are suitable, which are performed according to the classic cut, preferably with arrows and, again, with a vertical strip, but in any case not with horizontal!

You should not take yourself styles of trousers with a low fit, it is better to choose a high waist, preferably with a wide belt. This not only visually lengthens the legs, but also helps to hide the rounded tummy.

So, as you can see, for each case, you can find your own solution. The main thing, do not forget that any clothes should be in size, this is about the trousers. They should not hang out and hang like a bag, but they should not burst at the seams.


The main trend of this year is femininity and a bright individuality of the female image. That is why, the summer season of 2013 will be filled with lush colors and the most inconceivable colors, pants are in fashion, which are decorated with original textured fabric.

The fashionable podiums of the classics do not leave - white and black in various variations of trousers, but do not dwell on it, lemon, turquoise, emerald, blue and bright red shades become increasingly popular.

Do not give up their positions and models with an animal and a graphic print, it is increasingly possible to meet floral and psychedelic colors, the ethno-style that can be found in the most daring colors and forms has become the peak of popularity.

The classic colors in women's trousers - striped, which can have the most bizarre shapes and curves, in a cage and rhombuses, and patterns in certain styles, for example, in the sea - remain fashionable and not aging.

About forms and styles

If we talk about forms, then this year will be fashionable a variety of lengths and styles of trousers. The shortened versions of the pants remain relevant, which, in combination with the narrowed cut, can fully reflect the harmony of the female leg.

Such models of trousers are best to wear under stilettos, they go well with light jackets and blouses.

Pants narrowed to the bottom, which are perfectly combined with both ballet shoes and high-heeled shoes, remain popular.

No less fashionable and in demand will continue to be the so-called slacks - straight pants.Such a style will never go out of fashion, because it is an important component of a business suit. Slacks differ from the usual classical styles in that they have rather bright and unusual colors, as well as rather dense fabrics.

The popularity of such interesting models as the chinos. What it is? This is an interesting alternative to the already slightly thinned jeans. Typically, these pants are made of fairly lightweight materials - cotton or flax. These women's pants have very direct colors, often - muted colors, which allows them to easily combine with other clothes and shoes.

Do not give up their positions and wide styles of trousers. Usually they are sewn of lightweight materials that flow through the body, hiding all its flaws, giving the silhouette a note of mystery. The highlight of the season in these pants will be vertical cuts from the hip, which will give spice and sexuality to female forms.

Another fashionable novelty will be wide pants with a high waist. The next trend of this season is skirt-pants. This style was very fashionable and common in the 90s of the last century, the designers complemented it with the most incredible colors and fabrics, such as leather and suede.

For fashionable sports pants this season can be attributed - pants-capris, breeches or bicycle pants. Usually they have a shortened look, made of elastic materials that make comfortable sports and active summer recreation.

Pants-breeches and "bananas" became a novelty of the summer season. This year, the designers did their best to turn this strange style into a romantic and gentle one. It is best to complement such pants with blouses and jackets, diluting the entire image with large beads or earrings. Usually, breeches are tucked into high boots, but this year stylists are advised to use shorter half boots or sandals.

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