The method of training infantile men from Lolita Milyavskaya and Antenna-Telesem magazine continue the rubric in which the singer and TV presenter answers her questions in her inimitable style.

The editor has received a very interesting letter from the 32-year-old Regina from the city of Angarsk. A woman asks a little rhetorical, but very pressing question: �Why are women stronger than men?�

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�Lolita, maybe this is a rhetorical question, and not to you, but still I ask him: why are men weaker than women? No, not physically, but spiritually, psychologically. Let me explain: my husband has a good education, works, but does not earn (he has a very small salary), does not seek to change anything, find additional income or more paid work, is lazy to go to the cinema, theater, guests, have some fun . He is well and calm at home. Not only do I have such a problem, my friends and girlfriends have the same situations (for some, it is aggravated by alcohol abuse).An active, working and earning man is the exception rather than the norm. Why do you think so? Or are my friends and I just out of luck? �The woman is interested.

Lolita Milavskaya gave the girl a very wise and original advice.

- Dear Regina, if we posted your letter on the social network and offered a survey, I assure you, most of the opinions about the men with whom we have to live would coincide with your conclusions. Smart adults, who turned my attention to classical literature, and Russian in the first place, gave me the idea that it was always like this.

I will never forget what I thought of when reading a novel about knights. And I thought: everything is the same at all times. A young lady sits alone in a high tower, on it is the whole castle: heating, payment for servants, sowing and harvesting, taxes. The husband, the knight, down in armor on a beautiful horse throws her a rose on the third floor, she throws back his handkerchief, and with him he jumped to the war. After how many years he will return and whether it will return - the big question. And the whole economy will be on a beautiful lady. And on the day when the knight appears, the castle will be cleaned, fed, laid to sleep. We have always been stronger.And this is not my answer, women, even in physiology, are stronger than men, because it is not given to give birth. If we talk about infantilism - also my favorite word, then I do not know what to do with it. Absolutely!

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To infinity, I can only blame the parent model, in which the father, if he was, did not teach to hammer nails into the wall, because his mother did it for him. Remember the Soviet era, even though you are young, then divorces were considered to be indecent. And since they were not approved by the church before the revolution, you can imagine from books and movies. Consequently, it is as if any of the women who were not satisfied, lived in a marriage with non-working, drinking, hungry husbands, had 6-7 children each and were housekeeping. Nobody asked them about pleasure. In marriage, it was not meant.

I do not want to lead you to the grim conclusions, evoking the word "hopelessness." I think you just need to love yourself more. All of us women. And once again beat my hands, and I, too, for my own, to take care only in return. Gave a flower? Got a lunch. Gave perfume? Washed socks. I have always dreamed that men read our page, today I want them to miss this letter, so I hear a cry of indignation: �Milyavskaya has completely lost her mind.The tamer was found! �But I don�t know any other way of living with infantils. Sorry if something is wrong. This is my personal opinion. You can not pay any attention to him.

P. S. And do not forget to smile and not take everything seriously. This is the only way not to earn by samoing some sort of sore depression.