The first trailer for the fourth season of "Sherlock"

Get ready to solve riddles: in the new trailer of the fourth season of “Sherlock” (the first, by the way!), They are hidden visibly and invisibly. With confidence we can only say one thing: someone is approaching. Perhaps it is Moriarty, and perhaps someone else ... This is exactly what Benedict Cumberbatch is mumbling to himself - the performer of an egocentric, rude, narcissistic and cynical detective who cannot live without gadgets, nicotine patches and a violin, which uses a game instead of meditation . Interestingly, Moriarty in the new season of "Sherlock" is not the only sociopath, the insane genius and manipulator. We have to get acquainted with the hero Toby Jones, who also played the foe of Sherlock, but it is not clear from whom exactly, from the video, unless he laughs incredibly ominously!