The final season of "Game of Thrones" offered to be removed in Yakutia

The national broadcasting company "Sakha" suggested HBO channel to move the shooting of the final 8th season of "Games of Thrones" from Iceland ... to Yakutia.

If you think, the location is really excellent: the region is one of the coldest places on the Planet: the temperature sometimes drops to minus 68 degrees - which is not Westeros for you! Around the tundra, taiga, lakes, the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea, where you can drown not only the dragon, but also the whole army of white walkers.

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From the Lena pillars, stretching for many kilometers, it is easy to make the “Wall” without any special effects. And the Verkhoyansky Range ?! The mountain chain looks so ominously from a height that you can even shoot a new “Martian” on it, and you can’t think of a better place to fight ice and flame! Let's see what the HBO channel answers. The final season of the "Game of Thrones" will return to our small screens in 2019.According to Sophie Turner, performer of the role of Sana Stark, the entire film crew can no longer hold back tears, thinking about the final.