The father of many children conquered the Internet with his truthful Instagram

If ideal selfies from other people make you feel inferior, it’s because they don’t show reality! That is why Simon Hooper, the father of 4 daughters, decided to show how the life of a father with many children looks like. Result? More than 260 thousand subscribers, and their number continues to grow.

"There are too many sweeteners on the Internet who are happy parents every day, so I wanted to show the real picture with a bit of humor."

Simon's eldest daughter is 9, the second is 6, and 10 months ago his wife bore him two more girls. Now he is a "porter, a driver, a swimming instructor, a teacher, a cook, a live climbing wall, a bank, a personal customer, etc.".

“My eldest daughter is studying sex at school this week. She is very adult, and since her mother is a midwife, she already knows everything about the topic of the vagina. And today she decided to ask me about men, and I felt like a shy child, but promised to tell the truth.

Tomorrow is an international women's day, and I'm celebrating it. Although I am in the absolute minority, I celebrate this holiday, because my girls are strong independent ladies.

Did I or did all the men learn to sleep on 15 centimeters of the edge of the bed? Regardless of the size of the bed and the number of people on it, I always find myself relegated to the "male part." I'm so used to being sure that I can fall asleep just at the top of the wall and not fall. ”

“Tonight my wife gave me a rather simple task:“ Go pack a children's bag. ” A plan immediately appeared in my head (and why can't I take anything seriously?). I sat the children in the bag and waited for my wife to appreciate the joke. But she did not appreciate. I even thought of making holes for my legs in my bag, but my wife was already angry that I used her leather bag for special occasions. ”

“Only 2 minutes passed, as the number of our children increased from 2 to 4. Being married to a midwife and having 4 daughters, I sometimes forget how lucky we are. I took it for granted that our children are healthy and that their childbirth went without any problems. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in all cases. "

“Our teeth are being cut and our girls tell us about it with their shout. It's not even a scream, but a groan of a wounded animal.I cannot blame them, but this is a straight scene from the “Alien”, but in very slow motion (of course, the teeth will not kill you and your entire crew, but the essence is the same). ”

"Novelty is footwear-children. They are worth a fortune, they prevent you from doing anything, they are aging you, and they are never clean, no matter how much you wash them, and they never go in the direction they need to. ”

“Dad is a great living mountaineering wall. We rehearse a talent show room: how many people can climb on me before I hit the floor, screaming like a child who broke a knee for the first time. ”