Table Restoration

Everyone faced such a problem as hatred for furniture. Often, even the most favorite table or casket, get bored, and you are ready to give everything to not see it. To solve this problem, the most ideal option would be to put your hands and dig a little on the Internet. One of the ways to solve my problem was decoupage. To implement my plan, I needed two ordinary paper napkins with a pattern, medical alcohol, varnish for decoupage, medium hardness brush, scissors, acrylic volumetric contours, and a couple of hours of free time.
I needed
Before you cut the paper with scissors, you need to imagine the result of future crafts and cut out only the necessary elements. When the necessary motifs are cut, place them on the surface of the "patient".
 place them on the surface
Before you start gluing, you need to delete all the lower ones layers.As a rule, there are two or three of them.  remove all the lower layers
 their two or three Before the main part of the work, it is necessary to degrease the surface thoroughly by wiping it with alcohol.  wiping it with alcohol Now you can break into the most basic. The chosen motif should be glued very carefully and quickly, as the paper is very thin and quickly becomes saturated with liquid varnish. It is best to coat the fragment of the picture from the middle to the edges, as well as glue the wallpaper. Raise the edge slightly, apply the lacquer directly over the pattern.  apply the lacquer directly over the picture Laka is best not to regret, after drying it all equals to become transparent. While one motive dries, you can do the rest.
you can do the rest
 you can do the rest You can do the rest
An hour later, you can add a couple of strokes with a volumetric contour.In the store I liked two colors: gray metallic and emerald.
metallic gray and emerald
You can draw, repeating the contours of the pattern, or you can in a chaotic order.
You can draw
repeating the contours of the pattern
 repeating the contours of the pattern
 repeating the contours of the pattern
Now we wait for the contour to dry, it usually takes no more than an hour. until the contour dries out
Then, you need to cover the patterns a couple of times with varnish, with breaks of an hour - one and a half. you should not be afraid to get out of the picture, because the varnish will become transparent after drying, and glossy divorces only give their zest.
 give their zest
After good drying work can be checked for strength. If everything was done correctly, even the intensified cleaning with a stiff brush is not frightening.My son always acts as a tester, he always has to try to pick everything up with a nail.