Sympathy and compassion: do modern people need these qualities?

The feeling of compassion, empathy or empathy is an inner state. This is because of other people's problems. Certainly, sympathy is one of the best human properties. If you are able to sympathize with others, then you understand the feelings of other people. It helps to establish a strong relationship. It is important for every person to realize that they support him.

What is compassion and sympathy

But it is important to understand what constitutes compassion and empathy. These feelings make a person better. Often, these concepts are used in the form of synonymous words, it is believed that these are the same emotions.

If you delve into these words, sympathy is a joint experience of certain emotions, and compassion is a common suffering because of something. Both terms mean that a person passes along with another person his joy and sorrow, misfortune.Both feelings are caused by a situation where pity and support is required. But these are different emotions that need to be shown if they really are needed.

Compassion and sympathy are similar emotions, but the main difference lies in their manifestation.

You can often hear that in the modern world only believers or poor people can sympathize and sympathize, and the rich people don’t think of anyone if this does not contribute to their well-being. There is an opinion that today, for one truly sympathetic person, there are 1000 of those who are jealous of others. The reason for this opinion is the character of the person. Indifferent people can not experience such feelings.

In everyday life, we manifest such emotions in the light of specific situations. For example, one will give to the beggar, and the other will pass by. The greatest compassion is shown by people towards their elderly parents, ill children, friends.

Sympathy and compassion: do modern people need these qualities?

Often with compassion we can hurt a person who does not need pity. In addition, true compassion is harmful. If the doctor is sympathetic to the patient, is too worried, then he falls ill himself.Because he needs only to sympathize, but not to sympathize.

To show sympathy is to listen to the interlocutor, to understand his emotions. For this they will have to pass through themselves. Sincerely sympathetic people are upset and worried just as the one who needs this sympathy. This gives a person faith and helps him forget anxiety. Sympathy makes people good.

Why do we need compassion

But why do we need compassion and sympathy? If you are an emotional person, and you have too much of this feeling, then you have noticed for yourself that it is difficult for you to feel the suffering of others. Someone else's negative energy wraps around you, you cease to feel the joy of life. Compassion is depressing, takes power.

You can not overly immerse yourself in the suffering of other people. It is important to be able to stop and not harm yourself by other people's misfortunes.

In addition, if you constantly sympathize with one person, then it harms her and you. Constant compassion causes you to unintentionally prevent awareness of responsibility for your actions to the suffering person.Due to constant sympathy, the individual feels his weakness, the need for help. Such people are not able to live their own independent life, they always need support from outside.

Therefore, it is important not only to be able to empathize, but also to feel the border when it is necessary to protect oneself from other people's emotions. Measure is needed in everything.

How to sympathize with a person

In order not to harm yourself, you need to know how to sympathize with a person:

Sympathy and compassion: do modern people need these qualities?

  • Be able to move from unconscious sympathy to conscious action in a timely manner. Whenever you try to get rid of compassion for others, you will feel guilty. But do not consider yourself a person without compassion. For support, it is not necessary to pass through negative energy. Listen, but don't worry too much. Learn to protect yourself from negativity and excessive sympathy.

Of course, it is important to remain a kind person. We are all obliged to help friends and family. But it's possible to do this without harming yourself. It is important to maintain the balance of your own body in order to feel personal happiness.

Nurture sympathy and compassion in children

It is worth noting that from early childhood serious attention is required to be given to the education of compassion and sympathy in children. A child who is not able to manifest such emotions grows rigid and selfish, and sometimes becomes the true misfortune of parents and himself.

The ability to sympathize and sympathize with others is only in those children whose parents show similar examples by their behavior. So that the child cared and empathized with others, when they have problems, it is necessary to protect him from punishment from an early age.

To raise such qualities in children is possible only by one’s own example. It is important for parents to show the child how to behave.

If mom and dad show mutual politeness, as well as are polite with other people, show care, then the baby will get used to behaving in a similar way. The researchers found that in the family to feel sympathy and compassion are more capable of men. But we are used to think that they are stronger, because they show less feelings. When a woman is ill, a man helps, not just sympathizing, but showing compassion and care. He is ready to help the beloved 24 hours a day.

Sympathy and compassion: do modern people need these qualities?

As for women, they are able to feel sympathy for a short time. This is because when a man is unwell, a woman, seeing his emotions, first feels compassion. But then, noticing how he tries to appear strong, the woman’s compassion goes away.

Even if men complain about life, they are not ready to compassion of others. When manifesting sympathy for men, there is a chance to catch their self-esteem, because all the representatives of the stronger sex are afraid to appear weak.

What is guided in life

In some situations it is difficult to understand how to be guided in life - with your mind or heart. There is no single correct answer. Each situation requires a special approach. The heart and the mind are capable of being mistaken.

It is necessary to conduct a logical analysis of the situation, make important decisions, taking into account the opinion of reason and knowledge. Every day we all use experience and knowledge in practice, we use reason. Most decisions come to take, using the dictates of the mind, because some things in life are simply irrelevant. You do not go across the road as you want, without following the rules. This will cause a disaster sooner or later.Applying knowledge, we are convinced of safety, and only then we decide what to undertake.

But if it comes to your own emotions, desires, then the mind becomes a disturbing element. In heart matters, one often has to live with one's heart, cutting off logic. Often a person is not able to do something, to fulfill his own dream, because he is afraid of consequences. But in such a situation it is better to believe the call of the heart, and not reason, so that in the future you will not regret.

Sympathy and compassion: do modern people need these qualities?

Fears and inability to believe in oneself are created by the mind, they are based on accumulated experience. If earlier you had to experience such a fear, then when making a decision today, you will feel fear and anxiety. This will cause indecision. For this reason, it is important to set goals, listen to the heart and act on its prompts.