Studying abroad

This year, the son graduates from school in Samara, wants to study abroad. Tell me, in which country is it better to study now, so that education would be good and not very expensive?
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Answered 20 march 17:45
My son dreams of studying in England, because there is a constant language practice, an excellent education and their diplomas are recognized all over the world. Only there is too much competition for admission and the cost of training is high.
Answered on March 20 17:51
As an inexpensive learning, you can consider studying in New Zealand. In this country, the British system of education and have the opportunity to find a job after graduation. Bad that this country is geographically far away.
Answered on March 20 17:59
In many countries, you can now get a quality higher education, but it may differ in value. I believe that Austrian education not only has high quality standards, but is also accessible to foreign students. And for learning does not require knowledge of the German language.