Studs are not in fashion! 7 pairs of slippers (not for home!) That everyone needs this spring

Slippers with gold weave

Not shoes, but some kind of #flashback in those days when everyone was dressed in the markets, and expensive-richly in the language of clothing was translated with the help of everything metallized and shiny. It would be interesting to find out what inspired Zara designers, creating these slippers (or shoes without a backdrop, as they were called on the brand’s website) - the era of “Turkish gloss” or the Alexander Wang collection spring-summer 2016, where similar slippers with silver rivets were present .

Zara slippers with gold weave

Zara slippers with gold weave (3,599 rubles)

Sports Slippers with numbers

First of all, when looking at these slippers, Rihanna and her style are remembered - she would have guessed to wear this pair with satin pants and a fur coat. Next come nostalgic associations, because in childhood it was in such slaps, and not in Vietnamese, you probably went to the pool and played in the summer in the courtyard. In other words, strange (but at least comfortable!) Shoes come back from the past ...

Swear Sports Slippers number 75

Moroccan slippers with patterns

Add to the subject slippers of Oriental flavor, and without deception: these slippers are made in Morocco from soft-to-touch leather with hand-embroidered. Still, the development of e-commerce is an indisputable plus - the same authentic souvenirs from distant countries can now be bought on the Web, and not transported by yourself in a suitcase. The Bohemia brand, for example, specializes in Moroccan products - slippers in different colors, woven beach bags and shawls.

Moroccan Bohemia slippers with patterns

Moroccan Bohemia slippers with patterns (3,400 rubles)

Slippers with fur

It may not be the most wearable pair in the collection (because of the light fur, such people get dirty on our streets quickly), but the most original one. The presence of fur makes them look at home and at the same time so bizarre, as if this shoe exists "on its own wave" regardless of what you wear it with.

Slippers Topshop with fur

Silver leather slippers

Cosmically cool slippers, though not at the most appropriate price for such shoes, but still convey the mood perfectly - you want to wear these with clothes that do not attract attention with color, but “take” comfort, such as light trousers and tunics from flax or cotton for the summer.

Silver Leather Clergerie Slippers

Robert Clergerie slippers in silver leather (17 300 rub.)


Laconic classics at the intersection of strict street shoes and comfortable home, which seems to boast of the merits of both - in this pair, you can safely engage in the most important affairs during working hours (most recently we have devoted an entire collection of materials to an alternative to the shoes), and then, not changing shoes, go to business "home" - shopping or walking with a dog, for example. By the way, the back of this pair is folded and they turn into slippers-slippers like those that Victoria Beckham had.

 Grannies Massimo Dutti

Grandmothers Massimo Dutti (7 990 rub.)

Cowboy Slippers

Slippers will be indispensable and at summer festivals, for example, such: a sharp nose, instead of a flat sole - a low square heel, material and color - a nice-looking suede in a camel shade plus an important detail - metal straps that give this pair identity and character.