Soap making using the “Herringbone” form

Before the new year, we are looking for gifts to friends and relatives for a long time. I want to surprise and please, and it is very easy to do by giving something with your own hands. Homemade soap - an excellent option! But what if you have never done this and absolutely do not know where to start? And you need to start with simple recipes, using simple forms. For the manufacture of bilateral soap "Fir-tree" we need: 1. White soap base. 2. Base oils for the enrichment of soap (shea butter, grape seed oil, peach and so on). 3. Essential oils (coniferous aromas or citrus are well suited). 4. Cosmetic dye «Flora» (green). 5. Form "Flat Christmas tree." 6. Knife. 7. Wooden skewer. 8. Ware for heating soap.
 soap with your own hands Herringbone
We divide the white soap base in half into different dishes. You can first work with a white base, and then in the same dish,right in the remnants of white soap add the second half and stain it with a dye. We heat the base in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. The main thing - it does not bring to a boil. Otherwise, the base will lose its soapy properties, and the smell will be disgusting! We enrich the base with oils, add essential oil (or suitable cosmetic fragrances). My Christmas trees smell sweet orange essential oil and are enriched with shea butter. Carefully mix the dye and oil with a wooden skewer. Form for soap sprinkled with alcohol from a spray bottle. We pour in the form of soap white or green to half the shape.
 do-it-yourself-made soap
soap with her hands Herringbone

We are waiting for the soap to dry completely. Spray with alcohol again and pour to the end of the form over the first layer. Spray alcohol a few more times so that unnecessary bubbles disappear. We take out the soap after complete freezing it in the form. It is better to wrap the soap out of the mold in a plastic wrap at once, in order to preserve the gloss and not leave any finger marks. Aromatic and festive, as well as very simple “Christmas tree” soap is ready!
 do-it-yourself-made soap