To make Santa Claus relieve his New Year's efforts, I propose to make him a cheerful snowman's assistant! After all, they together will be much more fun to deliver greetings and deliver gifts. We'll make a snowman in the felting technique. For the manufacture of crafts we need:
  • wool for felting white, blue, yellow, red and a little gray and orange;
  • special needles for felting № 38, № 40;
  • sintepon.
 For making crafts we need
Let's start making a snowman - a little helper. From a synthetic winterizer, using a needle No. 38, we dump three balls of the different sizes: one big, the second is smaller and the third is the smallest. When they are ready, we uniformly wrap them with white wool.
 Let's start making a snowman
Next, use a needle for felting number 38 to dump the resulting balls. As they drop, we change the needle by 40 and continue to roll until the balls become even and dense.
received balls
Now we join the Circles with the help of a needle No. 38, directing it vertically to the biggest ball we fasten a small ball.
connect Circuits
Now, when two balls are fastened together, we attach a third one. We attach the middle ball to the smallest one.
 balls are bonded to each other
After this, we fix the details with wool, as in the photo below.
fix details
It turns out such a snow-white snowman of three balls.
snowman of three balls
And now we will revive our snowman. Needle number 38 mark places for the peepholes and mouth. Then, in place of the cheeks, we add a little white wool and first roll it with the needle No. 38, and then continue to work with the needle No. 40. Tint the cheeks in pink.
revive our snowman
Then we spread our black eyes with black wool,breaks and mouth and rolls well.
 black hair spread eyes
Having acquired facial features, the snowman helper came to life. By purchasing facial features
In order for our assistant not to get cold, we take blue wool and make felt boots for it for a snowman.
we take the blue wool
Now we are good at making blue felt boots for the time being, they will not become dense and will not get the necessary form.
blue felt boots Now we need to make the sole of gray wool.
 make a sole from gray wool
Attach the soleto the product with a needle. Shoes ready, snowman can go on the road.
 Shoes ready
We connect felt boots to the body using the needle number 38.
 Connecting valenki with the body
Then with white hair we attach them well with a needle No. 38 and 40.
attach them well with a needle
 snowman shoes
Making pens. To do this, from white wool form ovals, 2 pieces.
 roll to the dense state
Create a pair of ovals, br>
we make mittens for a snowman
Similarly, we make mittens for a snowman from wool of yellow color. make mittens for snowman
 We collect all the details
We collect all the details and we get these pens.
We collect all the details
From the blue wool we form a cap in the form of a cap and dump it.
form cap
We decorate a cap with yellow stripes and a bubble.Now it is completely ready!
 we decorate with yellow stripes
We connect the handles with the body of a snowman with a needle.
Connect the handles with the body
 Connect knobs with torso
Making a scarf out of yellow wool and decorate it with transverse blue stripes.
 Making a scarf of yellow wool
 Making a scarf of yellow wool
We form a bag with gifts of red wool and dump it.
 We form a bag
We put a helper in a hat, tie a scarf to it and attach it shochek can be a needle, and can and glue. All! Merry snowman ready to help Santa Claus.
 Snowman Santa Claus helper