Sliding wardrobe for lovers of discreet style

Minimalism is one of the most popular styles of modern times. Despite the laconic design of furniture and decorative elements, the room looks more comfortable than strictly and cold. This design is perfectly complemented by roomy wardrobes, which differ in the material of manufacture, accessories, color, the presence of interesting textures. In addition, they come in different sizes, which allows you to install them in almost any room.

Which model to choose

Before buying, be sure to decide on the type and size of the wardrobe. For example, for an embedded model, you need to prepare a niche. It is important to remember that it is not mobile, so if you decide to change the situation, this design will become an obstacle.

One-piece wardrobe, on the contrary, you can move. However, its disadvantage is cumbersome. If the room is rather small, there is a risk that such a cabinet will simply not fit. Nevertheless, it is very roomy.If you plan to store a lot of things, then with sufficient space, it is better to choose this option.

How to choose a wardrobe:

  1. Construction. The size, material of manufacture (veneer, rattan, particle board, etc.) is important. Not least is the design. Pay attention to the color, texture and decorative elements.
  2. Opening mechanism. It happens roller and monorail. In the first case, the doors are placed in an iron frame, and in the second case the sash moves along the monorail.
  3. Movies. Made of plastic and metal. If the first is short-lived, the second is quite practical and "tenacious." Plastic rollers are much cheaper than metal ones. There are wheels made from plastic with Teflon coating. They are a little stronger, but still inferior to metal in strength.

An important parameter that cannot be overlooked is capacity. If the family plans to replenish, choose a closet, in which many things will fit. If the apartment is small and the family members are few, then the bulky model will not work.

Design Features

able to visually enlarge the space in the room, which is important for small rooms.You can choose a model with a mirror if you dream of a “mirror wall.”

In the design of minimalist wardrobe there are no photo printing, neon colors, bright decor. The design is laconic and attractive in its own way. The lines are strict, the details are arranged symmetrically - no chaos. The colors are usually pastel, light or, on the contrary, dark shades.

The most convenient are the doors, the size of which is about 100-120 cm. If more, it may be difficult to operate.

Where to place a wardrobe with sliding doors

The wardrobe is wonderful because it is installed in almost any room. With it, the space can not only be visually increased, but also reduced. Traditionally, the wardrobe is chosen according to the following principle:

  • hallway — a built-in type with multiple drawers and shelves is selected;
  • kitchen - modular lockers are installed;
  • living room - suitable model with shelving system;
  • bedroom - giving preference to spacious wardrobes with mirrored doors.

The wardrobe is an incredibly functional piece of furniture. With it, you can easily restore order in the house.