Skirt in a cage: what to wear

With a checkered skirt, you can create many different images, the main thing is to correctly select the appropriate "top" and accessories.

For example, a checkered skirt-style �pencil� or a straight model with a length slightly above the knee can be supplemented with a monochromatic light blouse with a laconic cut, classic boat shoes and a business bag in the tone of shoes. A similar image is appropriate in almost any event. Images look quite interesting, the main components of which are a narrow checkered skirt and a plain jacket. This business suite is ideal for office work.

Plaid skirts of the "sun" and "trapeze" style - models for creating youth images. These products look the best with tight blouses, blouses and shirts. As for shoes, the flight of fantasy is unlimited: these skirts look great with both high-heeled and flat shoes, so here when choosing these accessories you just have to rely on your taste and, of course, the image you want to create.

Straight and trapezoidal skirts in a cage of maxi length look good only with monochrome blouses and tops of laconic crooks, the color of which coincides with one of the color of the skirt itself. From the selected accessories depends on what kind of image will end up. For example, if the outfit is complemented with sophisticated shoes and an exquisite handbag, then the image will be evening, if the shoes are flat and the classic volume bag are casual.