She gave birth - and it started: mother spent 8 million on plastic

She really wanted to be like Wonder Woman. What happened, she liked. But not her husband.

Aimee Veness is now 43 years old. For the past 18 years she has not thought of her life without plastics. So much so that he even became an ambassador for a plastic surgery clinic. It all started when Aimee's son was born. After pregnancy and childbirth, the girl’s body has somewhat lost its former shape. But she worked as a dancer, for her appearance - that's all! Amy tried to cope with the problem on her own. But about plastic thinking.

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When she turned 25, she decided to take a small step - she went to the beautician for Botox injections. Everything went well, mimic wrinkles (if they were at that age) smoothed out. This routine procedure, in fact, launched a whole cycle of transformations that Amy had decided upon. Down and Out trouble started.

“From childhood I dreamed of being like the Barbie dolls I played with.But the biggest dream was to become a Wonder Woman, ”Aimee confessed.

Children's dream swept her with a new force. For the figure of a dream, the girl pursued the path of least resistance - not a sport of any kind, not a life-giving fitness, but plastic surgery. New breasts, liposuction, buttock implants, lipofilling - this is when your own fat is distilled into other areas that need more volume.

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Photo: @aimis_world

Not to say that Aimee’s body is perfect. Nevertheless, no liposuction will help if there are bad food habits - fat rollers will increase in new and new areas. But for Aimee, this is not a problem. She easily admits to being plastic dependent.

“When the procedure is finished, I feel depressed. I always want to improve something, ”she says.

New lips, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, filler injections in the face - the age takes something.

“I will do all this even if there is a risk of dying under the surgeon’s knife. I can tolerate pain, even severe. After the operation on the buttocks I could not sit for six weeks, otherwise the implants would not have taken root. I really like it all.In addition, the risk of dying under the wheels of the bus is higher than dying during an operation, ”says the woman about her addiction.

Husband likes not all changes in the body of his wife. For example, the size of its priests frightens him rather than excites. But she plans to do a couple more operations on the buttocks.

“There is a possibility that I will not be able to fly because I do not fit in the seat in the plane. But I do not care. I like to have a big ass like Kardashian, ”Aimee says.

Photo: @aimis_world

But the son doesn’t care what his mother does to himself. Harry is 21 years old.

“He grew up looking at how I am constantly changing. He himself does not do any operations, but I think that he has certain standards of a woman’s appearance, ”the mother is confident.

Now Amy has another dream - to make herself, forgive, designer vagina.

“By the age of 50, I will do a facelift. And by 60 I hope to make an intimate plastic, ”the woman shared her plans with.

And the main question is about money. For all this happiness Aimee spent more than 100 thousand pounds. Translated into rubles - 8.2 million with a tail. But what is money when you pursue the dream of your life.

“I am the dream of any plastic surgeon.I am obsessed with new technologies in medicine. And I will get the body of my dreams, sooner or later. ”