Sewing on a typewriter: a few secrets of a perfectly flat line

Curved sutures have been considered a sign of a poorly manufactured item for many years. In order not to become the object of inappropriate jokes, learn a few secrets of making perfectly smooth machine lines. Special assistants for sewing machines will act as assistants in this difficult task.

Paw with transparent panels

Such a device allows more precise control of the direction of the seam. You can adjust the width of the indent by attaching a bright marker on the foot.

Zipper foot

This device is used to apply the seam at a certain distance from the bend. The right edge of the foot is aligned with the edge of the part, and the needle must fit into the right groove. Thus it is very convenient to sew a wide braid and a slanting bake.

Edge foot with special guide

A special separator controls the seam indent. The fabric and needle are placed on the left side of the stitching.

Two legs for double seam

In order to make a smooth double seam, you can resort to the following method. To begin with, a foot with a stop is set on which a seam is made near the edge of the fabric. Then the foot changes to a wider one, which allows you to take the second seam a few millimeters further.