Black caviar sandwiches - an original snack for the festive table

The traditional and easiest way to cook caviar sandwiches is to use bread with butter. For such appetizersused baguette, white or rye bread, which is smeared with a generous layer of quality fat butter.The fat content of the dairy product should be above 72%, the optimal oil will be "Vologda" with a mass fraction of fat 82, 5%. Top slides or even layer a teaspoon of black caviar.

The next most popular, but not inferior in taste, is thecombination of salty crackers. These crispy pieces are lightly greased with cream cheese, whipped with lemon juice. A spoon of black caviar is also placed on top.

Original sandwiches with fresh vegetables.Treat guests with exquisite snacks such as: a ring of fresh cucumber,on top is a ring of pickled squid and in the center of the composition is a slide of caviar. Such a bite sandwich will be a real hit on a buffet table or a serious celebration!

Photos of black caviar sandwiches allow you to appreciate the beauty and sophistication of this snack. Light and tender, nourishing and nutritious - such dishes will be a worthy setting for a festive dinner. Use such delicacies for the New Year's table, on the jubilee and corporate evening.

How to make a sandwich?

Making sandwiches with black caviar is almost an art! Jewelry should not be intrusive or too numerous - a delicacy requires a refined and discreet rim.

Sandwiches decorated with fresh green dill and juicy lemon slices look best. For the calculation, use a beautiful dish with no extra patterns. You can arrange a snack on the leaves of green salad. You can also serve sandwiches on a single platter with squid, baked fish and fish jelly.

For the design of sandwiches, you should use the components of the dish itself.For example, lay out the cheese cream with a confectionery syringe in the form of a rose, in the middle of which place a spoonful of black caviar. Add a sprig of dill or mint leaf.

How to serve black caviar sandwiches?

Black caviar appetizers are served with two types of drinks - strong and light sparkling. In Russia, the best companion of black caviar is cold vodka. It does not change the taste of the delicacy, but only emphasizes it.

For a more refined audience andwomen, it is worthwhile to offer a combination of sandwiches with black caviar and chilled sparkling Champagne Brut. This presentation is traditional in France, which later became popular in other countries.

In addition to alcohol for sandwiches with black caviar, you can serve fresh oysters and other seafood: squid, shrimp, mussels. Fresh vegetables are also good - a fresh and crisp cucumber is best.

Black caviar is delicious with almost any product. The main thing to get high-quality and natural delicacy. The company “IkraMart” cooperates only with manufacturers, and then offers you only original, clean and honest goods.Choose a variety of black caviar and please the guests with this "black gold"!