Rhapsody - beautiful haircut for your hair

In order to emphasize their style and individuality, women thoroughly think through future images, carefully study the secrets of successful make-up and necessarily visit a proven master hairdresser who is able to complete what has begun with the result of their work.

A hairstyle called rhapsody is remembered by those whose youth fell on the 80s. But today, this original model has regained popularity due to the release of the popular television series “Friends”, in which the heroine Jennifer Enniston appeared with amazingly gorgeous hair. Girls all over the world demanded that hairdressers repeat the same thing in their curls.

New? No, well forgotten old!

Features of this style of haircuts lie primarily in its layering. Thanks to the strands of different lengths, the hair is practically not tangled and makes it possible during the day not even to correct the styling. This type of haircut will be especially liked by those who want to give more ringlets to the crown and create the effect of ladder, while retaining the length.

The special convenience of the rhapsody is noted by the owners of curly and curly hair, which is often confused. The volume, divided into different levels, helps the strands to lie neatly, creating a well-groomed appearance. The filing along the entire length gives them a beautiful shape and favorably emphasizes the expressiveness of the face.

Technique of this model hairstyle includes several steps and is very similar to the hair cascade. It should be done by overlaying the strands on each other and milling along the entire length, adding volume in the region of the crown.

Pleasant changes with hairstyle

The rhapsody always looks very neat and magnificent. In addition, it has many advantages:

  • Thick hair will look neater and easier, and thin with it you can add extra volume.
  • Haircut is suitable for all types and will help make the "naughty" curls more obedient and pliable.
  • Women with an oval type of face can be complemented by a thick straight bangs hairstyle that will make the features visually longer.
  • At the representatives of the fair sex with a round outline of the face we will perfectly look the oblique bangs, as presented in the photo, a refreshing image and making the contours more elegant.
  • Short hair with an emphasis on strands of different lengths will be very convenient for active girls, because it requires a minimum of time to give a well-groomed look. And the growing curls will look neat, without changing the original shape.

This style of female hairstyle is perfectly combined with techniques such as highlighting, brondirovanie and coloring, which create a spectacular color play.

Laying - minimum effort, maximum effect

Rhapsody initially does not require much effort to give hair the desired shape. Milled strands fit perfectly even without the use of additional funds. But if you want to give an image of novelty or solemnity, then you just need to have a hair dryer, hair curlers, an iron or a curling iron.

Styling on medium hair takes very little time. Strands can be leveled using an ironing, giving them smoothness, and the top of the head with a hair dryer raised, creating the effect of a cap. In this case, if you need to pinch your hair, the overall appearance will remain neat and original due to the volume on the crown.

For long hair, you can choose more varied styling options.It can be voluminous curls or small curls created using curlers or curling. This option will create a romantic image and emphasize femininity. Also fit all kinds of hairpins, bows or combs, which will add solemnity.

Rhapsody is a win-win for those who want to always look stylish, while spending the least time on care and styling. Conservatism combined with modern technologies of haircuts and styling will help to create a truly unique image.

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