Rest by the sea.

This year we plan to go on holiday to the Crimea. Tell me where it is better to stay with three small children? I would like away from the bustle of the city. And maybe tell me there is a guest house in which to settle. Worth booking in advance?
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The author, it is right that you are looking for a place away from the bustle of the city. We rested in Yalta that year, so there is no place to sit on the beach, and with children it is not the best option. This year, they wanted to go to the village of Uchkuevka, which is not far from Sevastopol, but we don�t know yet if my husband is having a vacation. Look, can you fit?
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Places where it is better to stay in Crimea will not tell you, but I know for sure that it is better to book recreation centers, hotels and guest houses in advance. But it may be on arrival that everything is occupied everywhere. And with the kids, this is not the best outcome of events.
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And on the contrary, we rest in places where there is entertainment.My children need so that the day was the beach, and in the evening - an amusement park. Therefore, we mostly stop in Yalta or Sevastopol.