Repair of a country house

I want to make my wife a surprise, namely, to renovate a country house, in which we practically do not happen because of his condition. After repair, we will be able to come there for the weekend in the summer and relax. Who knows an inexpensive firm in Moscow that repairs houses?
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I would not turn to the company, as they take a lot of money for their services and you pay more for their reliability, and not for work. It is much cheaper to find private masters who will do everything no worse, and take money 2-3 times less.
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Turning to private builders need to understand that you are very at risk. They do not bear any responsibility for their work, but the company gives a guarantee and in which case it will redo what is needed. Yes, pay more, but get a guarantee of quality.
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������������Answered on March 6, 15:16
It all depends on your luck, you can find hacks, who will do everything cheaply at its best. And you can get caught in an unscrupulous company, which will charge you a lot of money, and the repair will be done just awful.